20 Shameless, Awful Movie Knock-Offs

20 Shameless, Awful Movie Knock-Offs

Listen, originality is dead, it has never been alive in the first place, and every single idea you’ve ever had has probably been had before. Except for our pitch for Hot Bikini Philosopher, Ph.D. – that is the one raunchy comedy idea Hollywood is too intellectually bankrupt to even come up with. In any case, since originality is the rarest of attributes, it’s no wonder that some works take heavy inspiration from others. Mr. Robot, for example, is just an elongated Fight Club, and Fight Club is just a gritty House Party, everyone knows this.

Inspiration, however, is not what we’re talking about here. Heavy, shameless inspiration gave us Tarantino movies (and then the whole trend in turn inspired by his movies), but here we are talking about straight up knock-offs. So walk with us, if you will, through the land of the rip-off, the copycat, the photocopy, the mockbuster, the cash-grab, the Mac and Me. It is an awful, awful land full of shamelessness, low production values, and hope you don’t just interrupt these films at the five-minute mark to watch the real thing instead. Also, what do you mean “misogynistic”? Yes, she looks hot in a bikini, but she also delivers scholarly feminist lectures on Plato. Just wait until you read it, geesh! Anyway, cue the list!

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