It’s 2036. Although Jamie Lee Curtis said she was done with the Halloween movies after 2030’s artsy pseudo-reboot, All Hallows Even, we now know she is returning to an ultra-splattery sequel trying to revive the franchise called Halloween Legacy. According to the trailer posted on Dystopia (Bezos, Musk, and Zuckerberg’s newly created social platform), it features Laurie Strode in a retirement home being helped by Paul Rudd in his return to the series after having passed on 2021’s Halloween Kills. Jamie Lee Curtis says now she is really done with the franchise.

But we’ve been here before. Some of you might recall back when 2022’s Halloween Ends was supposed to be the moment Halloween, erm, ended. Oh, you sweet, sweet souls. We actually remember when H20, the third part of the Halloween-Halloween II trilogy, ended with Laurie cutting Michael Myers’ head. It was beautiful, liberating, truly a fitting finale for the whole thing. And then Busta Rhymes busted rhymes. History repeats itself, time is a flat circle. Anyway, here are 20 facts about the Halloween franchise, at least until 2022’s Halloween Ends – which means that no, we’re not considering the 2027 crossover Halloween v. Midsommar: Druid Ritual, that movie was off-continuity anyway.


Halloween Then vs. Now From an unknown actress to stellar casts In 1978, only Donald Pleasance was well-known, and the movie turned Jamie Lee Curtis into a star. By now, the franchise has housed greats such as Tom Atkins, Danielle Harris, Josh Hartnett, Michelle Williams, Janet Leigh, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Malcolm McDowell, William Forsythe, Judy Greer, Anthony Michael Hall - and of course, a young Paul Rudd. CRACKED.COM


Michael Myers' Backstory

Halloween Then vs. Now Michael Myers' backstory 1981's Halloween II made Myers Laurie's brother, and the family obsession continued from Return to Curse. The latter's backstory went full druid-curse, but this was already hinted at in the original's 1979 novelization. Rob Zombie focused on Myers' history of abuse and murderous tendencies. In the new ones, the family link is gone, but the supernatural element seems to be returning. CRACKED.COM


Laurie's Family

Halloween Then vs. Now From Laurie to her extended family Besides Michael, Laurie, and Loomis, the original sequels have provided more interesting characters than the newer runs. Little Tommy Doyle returned all grown-up in three more movies after surviving the first. Similarly, Laurie's daughter Jamie led the franchise in Return, Revenge, and Curse. In fact, her interrupted heel turn after Return is one of the franchise's greatest missed opportunities. CRACKED.COM


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