20 Studly Facts That Really Popped Our Collars

Someone really thought Rage Against The Machine would perform on SNL and not rage.
20 Studly Facts That Really Popped Our Collars


Raised in silence, abandoned by their parents, and dead by age four-- these were the results of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II's tumultuous experiment in child-rearing. In an attempt to determine if there was a “natural” language imparted by God, the emperor raised infants without any interaction whatsoever. Though his experiments proved unsuccessful (all the children died), his actions have continued to mystify people throughout history. In Japan, it's not uncommon for elderly people to go to prison on purpose. With housing prices and public assistance insufficient for many retirees' needs, some older Japanese citizens are committing small crimes so they can live in prison for free. And with an increasing number of people aged more than 65 now making up more than a quarter of the prison population, this trend doesn't seem like it will be slowing down anytime soon. You might think you know everything there is about Disney World-- but did you know that the corporation has its own government? That's right! The Reedy Creek Improvement District is a special district created by Florida legislature specifically for Disney World which allows them control over sewage, roads, building permits, and many other facets of municipal control in the area… including issuing themselves liquor licenses! 

There is an insulin inhaler for diabetics.

Inhaled Insulin exists for both type 1 and 2 diabetes. aéroso GlaxoWellcome GRAGKED.COM It is faster acting and has lesser side effects like weight gain and hy- poglycemia because it emulates what the pan- creas does.


A senator lost a reelection to a dead opponent.

Senator John Ashcroft is the only Senator to lose re-election to a dead person. CRACKED.COM His opponent, Mel Carnahan, died in a plane crash three weeks before the vote and his name was unable to be taken off the ballot.

NY Times

Dutch custom agents thought H.R. Giger drawings were photographs.

H.R. Giger was once stopped by Dutch customs because of his disturbing drawings. CRACKED.COM They thought they were photographs. Giger later said: Where on Earth did they think I could have photographed my sub- jects? In hell, perhaps?

The Guardian

Someone put Rage Against The Machine and Steve Forbes together on SNL.

Rage Against The Machine was kicked off SNL before they got to play their second set. UNITE CRACKED.COM In 1996, Rage was the mu- sical guest while Steve Forbes hosted. In protest of billionaires like Forbes, they hung two up- side-down flags from their stage, against the wishes of the staff.

Music Fan Clubs

Ham the Chimp received his name after a successful space mission.

The first chimpanzee in space was only given the name Ham after successfully completing his mission. CRACKED.COM Не was known as Number 65 before that, as NASA believed that it would be bad publicity if a named chimp burned up in the at- mosphere or otherwise died as a result of mission failure.

NASA History

Austin Powers was first created for Mike Meyers’ rock band.

Austin Powers was created by Mike Myers as a persona for his faux 60s rock band, Ming Tea. CRACKED.COM Myers said that the movie and the character were inspired by the British films, music and comedy of the 1960s and 70s his father had introduced him to as a child.


Brad Pitt was too handsome for Malaysian ads.

Brad Pitt was banned from Toyota ads in Malaysia for being too good looking. CRACKED.COM Toyota Altis ads featuring Pitt were banned after the country's deputy informa- tion minister ruled that Pitt's handsome appear- ance may make Malaysian countrymen feel inferior.


Professional laughers are planted in audiences.

Former mud wrestler Lisette St.Claire was the world's first 'laugher' wrangler in the television industry. CRACKED.COM Some of the current 'Pro- fessional Laughers' are so good at guffawing that they're secretly planted in audiences to get others to follow along. In 2012, laughers got $75 for a day's work.

LA Weekly

An Arizona power plant is the only one in the world not next to water.

Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant in Arizona is the only plant in the world that is not built next to a body of water. CRACKED.COM The plant is spread over 4000 square acres, employs 2055 workers, and generates 35% of the electricity needed in Arizona.


Chisso Corporation contaminated a lake with mercury so bad, they could remine it.

A Japanese chemical company polluted a bay so much, they mined the mercury from it. CRACKED COM The bay polluted by Chisso Corporation had sediment containing up to 2 kg of mercury per ton. This con- centration made mining economically viable, so the company set up a subsidi- ary to do just that.


The loneliest place on Earth is owned by Norway.

Norway owns an uninhabited frozen island located halfway between Africa and Antarctica. CRACKED.COM Bouvet Island is a volcanic island that is the world's most remote, called the loneliest place on Earth. It is 1,404 miles from Tristan da Cunha, the most remote inhabited island in the world.

Atlas Obscura

Adam Reed made the “Sealab 2021” pilot with stolen tapes.

Sealab 2021 was made with stolen master tapes. CRACKED.COM When American animator Adam Reed quit Cartoon Network he stole the master tapes for Sealab 2020. Reed would later use these tapes to make his pilot, which was picked up by Adult Swim.

Daily Hive

“Balls to the wall” is an aviation term.

The phrase balls to the wall comes from aviation and has nothing to do with testicles. PAN AM CRACKED.COM Ball-shaped handles controlled the throt- tle and fuel and put- ting these handles closer to the wall re- sulted in the fastest possible speed.

Word Origins

Introverts are more keen on human nature.

Introverts are more prone to assessing truths about humanssocial nature. GRACKED.COM A 2018 study by Yale psy- chologists found introverts who are prone to melan- choly seem to be more as- tute at understanding how people behave in groups than their sociable peers.


Elderly Japanese are purposely going to prison.

Elderly Japanese people are committing small crimes so they can live in prison for free. CRACKED COM An increasing number of people aged more than 65 now make up more than a quarter of the prison popula- tion in Japan.


A Holy Roman emperor raised children without language as an experiment.

Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II raised infants without any interaction. CRACKED.COM Не wanted to determine if there was a natural language imparted by God. His experiments proved unsuccessful be- cause all the children raised this way died.

Fordham U

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