15 Now-You-Know Facts That Really Spread Our Crisco

15 Now-You-Know Facts That Really Spread Our Crisco

Who says radioactive waste can't be beautiful? The "Siberian Maldives" is a toxic lake of turquoise water. Due to hazardous toxic waste runoff from a local power plant, the waters have an eerie glow. But that doesn't stop Russians from flocking to take pictures in front of it. You might think you know everything there is to know about Game of Thrones, but did you know the dragons aren't actually dragons? They're wyverns! Speaking of Hollywood, Warner Bros., who had the rights to make 'Home Alone,' decided they didn't want to spend $14 million on it and canceled production. 21st Century Fox took over and turns out, people really wanted to see Macaulay Culkin being home ... alone. So if you're ever feeling down because your favorite show got cancelled or a movie isn't getting made, just remember that sometimes things work out for the best in ways we never could've expected! 

There is a London cryptid that would ring your doorbell and scratch you.

Sightings of the mysterious Spring-Heeled Jack stretch from 1837 to 1904. A MYSTERY OF MYSTERIES CRACKED.COM Jack was a boogeyman that was said to ring resi- dents of Londons' door- bells dressed as a bear, a ghost or a devil and scratch them with metal claws before leaping away with unnatural agility.

Atlas Obscura

Hemingway patrolled for German U-boats in the Caribbean.

Ernest Hemingway hunted German U-boats in the Caribbean during WWII. CRACKED GOM Hemingway used his fish- ing boat named after his ex-wife (Pilar) to hunt Ger- mans, armed only with Thomson machine guns and hand grenades. Не was given unlimited gasoline by the US government.

Star News Online

The Romans mined more silver per year than all of Medieval Europe and the Arabic empire.

The Roman Empire mined so much silver that at peak production they were mining 220 tons per year. Scottsdale Silver - Loo list China us CRACKED.COM This was 5 to 10 times larger than the com- bined amount of silver available to Medieval Europe and the Ab- basid Caliphate around 800 A.D.


The founder of the Mormon church was killed in prison.

Joseph Smith was killed by an angry mob while incarcerated. CRACKED.COM A local had exposed Smith's practice of polyga- my implying that he used his religion as a pretext to seduce and marry unas- suming women, including the wives of some of his closest associates.


A woman tried using a million dollar bill at Wal-Mart.

A woman named Alice Pike tried to use a fake million dollar bill at Wal-Mart. WAL MART GUARANTEED PHAR B CRACKED.COM Pike claimed she thought the bill was real. When told that the United States Treasury does not make $1 million bills, she said, You can't keep up with the U.S. Treasury.

USA Today

A girl in Africa convinced her tribe to kill their cattle to stop the colonizers.

A teenage girl of the Xhosa people in Africa convinced her entire tribe to kill all their cattle. CRACKED COM She claimed it would bring about a cataclysm destroying English colo- nizers. Tens of thousands died in the subsequent famine, and the English were unharmed.


A famous pianist had his piano destroyed at an airport.

A Polish pianist had his grand piano confiscated at JFK Airport. CRACKED.COM Krystian Zimerman was go- ing to play at Carnegie Hall shortly after 9/11 but his Steinway grand piano was confiscated and later de- stroyed because the glue smelled like explosives.

The Guardian

Escolar is disguised as tuna on menus, and causes diarrhea.

Restaurants often serve a fish called Escolar, disguised to be Tuna on the menu. CRACKED.COM Eating too much of this fish, more than 6 ounces, will cause explosive, oily, uncontrollable orange di- arrhea. Accidents can also happen while pass- ing gas.

The Kitchn

Warner Bros. gave away their chance to make ‘Home Alone.’

Warner Bros. canceled 'Home Alone' because they didn't want to spend $14.7 million on it. CRACKED.COM 21st Century Fox continued the production, and it be- came the highest grossing movie of 1990 at $476 million worldwide. It was nominated for two Academy Awards for Best Original Score and Best Original Song.

Box Office Mojo

Game of Thrones has wyverns, not dragons.

The dragons in Game of Thrones are actually wyverns. CRACKED.COM The difference between a wyvern and a dragon is that a wyvern has 2 legs and a dragon has 4 legs. They also happen to be make-believe, so it doesn't really matter.


The “Siberian Maldives” is a toxic lake of turquoise water.

Russians pose in front of a toxic lake for their Instagram pictures. GRACKED.COM Called the 'Siberian Mal- dives, the lake is a beauti- ful turquoise color which is reminiscent of Caribbean waters. The lake's color is due to hazardous toxic waste runoff from a local power plant.


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