Conceptually designed to entertain the dumbest and most impressionable among us, kids' shows and movies are normally considered simple and safe ground. (Note: It is OK for us to call kids dumb, as according to our mom’s endless supply of photographic evidence, we, too, were dumb kids once. And honestly, we are still pretty stupid from time to time.)

But hidden beneath the bright colors, fantastical characters, and loud sounds, children's shows can be some of the dirtiest, raunchiest, and lewdest things you will ever lay eyes on. And we have the evidence to prove it.

The countless adults that are busy creating, animating, and writing kid's fare need to blow off some creative steam sometimes. You think adult sitcoms and dramas push the envelope? Then take a fresh look at what even the tamest kid show was throwing at you before your tiny child brain was old enough to notice it. Stuff like…


Adult Jokes in Children's Entertainment Batman Roxy Rocket This Batman villain is just . wild. A bombshell that rides around on a rocket, basically getting her rock(et)s off the entire episode. CRACKED.COM


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