18 Dog/Human Relationships in Pop Culture That Could Use Some Therapy and Counseling

There are certainly some poochie issues here.
18 Dog/Human Relationships in Pop Culture That Could Use Some Therapy and Counseling

The relationship between man and dog has been fruitful for both species for tens of thousands of years. There is a reason why dogs are referred to as “man’s best friend” after all. Yet even in the best relationships there can be something to work on. Maybe there are some heavy codependency issues, frustrations, or possible resentment that could be aired out and make the bond even stronger between mankind and beast.

If you look at some of the most famous man/dog relationships in movies, TV, cartoons, and other parts of popular culture, you can see the frayed seams of an otherwise solid relationship. Then again, if their relationship is antagonistic, you can find the root of their conflict so that healing can begin and maybe a friendship can be forged.

Here are some examples of man and dog relationships in popular culture that could use some therapy and counseling to help address their issues.

John Wick

Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy John Wick & Unnamed Dog While there is no malicious intent (a first for him), Wick seems to offload his loyal companion throughout the sequels, and doesn't even name him! The dog shouldn't be expected to replace Daisy, John! CRACKED.COM

The Wizard of Oz

Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Dorothy & & Toto If any dog needs therapy, it's one stuck in their owner's possible dream where its life is constantly threatened by green witches, living trees, and other randomness. Such a weird world would blow any puppy's mind. CRACKED.COM

Toy Story

Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Woody & & Slinky Dog Slinky seems to be able to look at Woody as a peer in spite of his dog form. Woody, however, treats Slinky like a subordinate rather than a bestie, so there really needs to be a discussion about mutual respect and defining their relationship boundaries. CRACKED.COM

Game of Thrones

Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Jon Snow & Ghost Ghost remained with Jon and defended him valiantly, only for Jon to just give him up to Tormund. What the hell, man? Ghost definitely has abandonment issues now. CRACKED.COM


Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Frasier Crane & Eddie As a mental health professional, Frasier should know that his resentment toward Eddie has little to do with his antics and more to do with the fact that his father shows more affection to the dog than him. Well, OK, the antics frazzle him, too. CRACKED.COM


Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Charlie Brown & Snoopy While a loyal companion, Snoopy shows little empathy for Charlie's sad sack behavior. Not that he needs to solve Charlie's problems or attitude, but he could be less aloof about it. Chuck needs to handle his negativity and depression, while Snoopy needs to work on his aloofness and vanity. CRACKED.COM

The Simpsons

Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Bart Simpson & & Santa's Little Helper While it's a loving bond, whenever the two get together it's just trouble and destructive behavior. CRACKED.COM


Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Sure, they're good pals, but both seem to compound each other's anxieties and fears, on top of their unhealthy relationship with food. It's a dependency that could use some deconstructing. CRACKED.COM

Rocko's Modern Life

Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Rocko & Spunky There definitely needs to be more of a conversation for Rocko to better understand Spunky's relationship with mops. CRACKED.COM


Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Leroy Smith & Sugar Sugar is a sweet dog that doesn't always obey Leroy's commands, but that's not necessarily bad since the majority of the commands are to attack people. Perhaps Leroy can leave his violent matters to his own hands and not Sugar's jowls. CRACKED.COM

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy The Grinch & Max Max appears to live in a world of fear and reluctance around The Grinch, just going with his plans while being clearly uncomfortable with them. The Grinch obviously has anger issues, but Max needs work learning how to advocate for himself. CRACKED.COM

Family Guy

Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Peter Griffin & Brian While they're great pals, there are the issues of Brian having the burden of cleaning up after Peter (and Brian occasionally acting on his crush on Peter's wife). This can lead to disaster. CRACKED.COM

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder

Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Blue Falcon & &Dynomutti Falcon probably has some unresolved Bruce Wayne-like issues being a millionaire playboy, and Dynomutt probably has an existential crisis about whether he's more dog than machine or vice-versa. You can't ignore those issues with crime fighting, y'all! CRACKED.COM

Back to the Future

Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Doc Brown & Einstein While it's clear that Doc loves Einie, he did risk Einstein's life by making him the guinea pig to test the time machine. That's not cool, Doc. Boundaries need to be established. CRACKED.COM

Metal Gear Solid

Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Snake & DD DD was trained to be Snake's ultimate companion, and they mirror each other right down to the missing eye. While he's loyal to Snake to the bitter end, it's doubtful that Snake's loyalty to the dog is reciprocal. CRACKED.COM

Parks and Recreation

Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Andy Dwyer & & Champion While affection and love are never in doubt, Andy's childlike behavior and outlook can present challenges in a relationship with a three-legged dog. Especially since Chris Traeger arguably took better care of Champion than Andy ever could. CRACKED.COM

Adventure Time

Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Finn & Jake Jake's inconsistent suggestions and Finn's reliance on those suggestions get them into trouble more often than not. While being supportive of each other is good, much of their early relationship can be seen as codependent. CRACKED.COM


Dog/Human Relationships That Need Therapy Philip J. Fry & Seymour The love they had for one another was pure, but their attachment issues led to Fry going through insane lengths to try to bring back Seymour, and Seymour dying out of loyalty. OK, time for all of us to cry again. CRACKED.COM
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