20 Facts About the 'Karate Kid' Franchise (The Movies, 'Cobra Kai,' Everything)

The franchise that taught us to stand up for ourselves (and kick literal ass).
20 Facts About the 'Karate Kid' Franchise (The Movies, 'Cobra Kai,' Everything)

We love The Karate Kid. Its current squeezing of nostalgia actually works, it even outpaced arguably more beloved franchises like Ghostbusters, and it ruined the modern world. God, we love The Karate Kid. Plus, we also know that it taught all you readers essential values like standing up for yourself, respecting your elders, and that when the hour is approaching to give it your best you’ve got to reach your prime – no, wait, those are just the lyrics for the “Montage” song in Team America. Anyway, The Karate Kid also taught us that!

In this Pictofact, we examine this entire universe: The original trilogy, the bland fourth movie, the nepotism-driven reboot, and of course, Cobra Kai. Hell, we even take a look at the animated show with the kickass intro in celebration of the current Karate Kid renaissance. Because for a while, the entire thing was the butt of jokes. Sure, the 1984 original has always been well regarded (even outside of the nostalgia goggles) and Pat Morita taught us invaluable lessons (on how to give alcohol to teenagers). However, most of what came after hurt the brand – until Cobra Kai brought it back to life with loving respect for the original and refreshing new ideas for a contemporary audience. So let’s bask on the entire franchise, enjoy!

The Next Karate Kid

THE NEXT KARATE KID THIS IS THE FIRST KARATE KID FILM NOT TO BE DIRECTED BY JOHN G. AVILDSEN. It's also the first not written by the original creator of the whole thing, Robert Mark Kamen. CRACKED.COM


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