16 Facts About The Vibrant Viola Davis

She owns the screen (or the stage) whenever she's on it.
16 Facts About The Vibrant Viola Davis

Oscar winner Viola Davis has been an acting tour de force on any screen, whether it is season after season of How to Get Away With Murder or winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Fences. There hasn’t been an award season within the past decade that hasn’t had her name spoken aloud amongst film pundits and critics. She is a bonafide superstar, both earning her celebrity and the respect of those who honor her craft.

While Ms. Davis has her accolades and a giant swath of fans, there are a lot of things about Viola Davis that you may not know. While she doesn’t shy away from interviews, it’s not like she is overly blabby about herself like several other celebrities, man or woman.

So what is there to know about Viola Davis? Well, we’re gonna tell you! Here are some quick facts about Viola Davis that will make you mom proud to know!

Drama Awards

CRACKED.COM Viola Davis She won two Tony Awards and three Drama Desk Awards. Before breaking into Hollywood, she got awards for the plays King Hedley II, Intimate Apparel, and Fences.

How to Get Away With Murder

Viola Davis She came up with Annalise Keating's moment of vulnerability. It was Davis' idea to remove Annalise's wig and make-up for a critically lauded scene in How to Get Away With Murder. CRACKED.COM


Viola Davis and Whoopi Goldberg

CRACKED.COM - OMIC CON doobag Viola Davis She shares an Oscar record with Whoopi Goldberg. Davis and Goldberg are the only black actresses to have been nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress.



Viola Davis She wrote a sequel to the children's book Corduroy. Davis a fan of the book, and the story she penned is titled Corduroy Takes a Bow. CRACKED.COM


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