20 Thought Provoking Facts That Purpled Our Nurples

A German meme denies the existence of their 18th largest city.
20 Thought Provoking Facts That Purpled Our Nurples

It has been said that in the modern world, where information is so plentiful, knowledge is so cheap, and facts are so freely available on the internet, it's easy to lose touch with the meaning of knowledge. This is true for most people. It's even true for me, as someone who works in the field of science. It is easy to enjoy this list of interesting facts without ever considering their implications.  I also realize that not everyone is interested in facts. In fact, it's my opinion that facts are often more trouble than they're worth. I enjoy this list because it's fun to discover something that you didn't know before. However, the real world is complicated. Even the facts that you do know are likely to become outdated. I know that it's fun to learn new things, but it's also fun to be lazy, or to go along with what the majority believes. 

Hugh Jackman fought to stay nude in one of the X-Men movies.

Hugh Jackman changed it so, as Wolverine, he would be naked in X-Men: Days of Future Past. It was written that Wolver- ine was to wake up in 1973 in his underwear, but Hugh Jackman claimed that if he were to wake up next to a really good looking girl, he wouldn't be wearing anything. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

ABC News

‘Boreout’ is a psychological disorder from a sucky office job.

A job can be so boring that it makes you sick. There is a psychological disorder called Boreout (Boredom burnout syn- drome), which can lead to psychological illnesses such as depression as well as physical illnesses. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Online Library

Denzel Washington was really waterboarded for “Safe House.”

Denzel Washington volunteered to actually be waterboarded for the movie Safe House. For the interrogation scene, Washington was re- ally put through the tor- ture, albeit for a few sec- onds at a time. Co-star Ryan Reynolds called it one of the most disturb- ing things I've ever seen. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


‘New Coke’ was probably not just a marketing ploy to combat dipping sales.

New Coke was never confirmed to be a conspiracy to promote the relaunch of the original recipe. NEW! The return of the original formula as Coca-Cola Clas- sic was very successful. When asked if New Coke was a the soda, an execu- tive replied: We're not that dumb, and we're not that smart. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


A cook for Richard the Lionheart was knighted after one really good meal.

Richard the Lionheart knighted his cook after one particularly memorable feast. Richard made him 'lord of the fief of the kitchen of the counts of Poitou'. The cook was an important member of a noble house- hold because his mistakes could kill his employer. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

History Extra

A Florida jail tortured inmates by making them watch “The Polar Express” on repeat.

In 2010, a Florida jail forced some inmates to watch The Polar Express on repeat. One inmate said, I hear those little kids screaming through my brain. All night long I can hear them, he told CNN. I can close my eyes, but I'm still going to hear them over and over and over. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Cartoon Brew

King William II was abandoned after being shot in the lung with an arrow.

King William II of England was shot through the lung with an arrow and left to die. After the accident, his body was aban- doned by the nobles, found by a peasant and returned to Win- chester Cathedral by farmers. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Sean Connery had a gun pulled on him during a movie shoot.

Sean Connery defended himself against a gunman on the set of Another Time, Another Place. While filming a love scene for the movie, his co-star's gangster boyfriend got jealous and pulled a gun on him. Connery grabbed the gun from his hand and twisted the guy's wrist un- til he ran off the set. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Total Movies

An archive documenting the mistreatment of nearly half a million people was found by accident.

The Archives of Terror were found by accident by a lawyer and a judge in 1992. They were looking for files on a former prisoner in a police station near Paraguay and stumbled upon archives doc- umenting an international conspiracy involving the tor- ture, murder, and imprison- ment of 480,000 people. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Tiger Woods PGA Tour ‘99 game bundled with the South Park pilot.

The South Park pilot was accidentally included on the Tiger Woods PGA Tour '99 game. Ition The game had to be re- called because the entire South Park pilot was used as dummy data on the disc and players could watch the episode by simply put- ting the game disc into a PC. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


A hawk is used to patrol Wimbledon for pigeons.

Rufus the Hawk has been employed by Wimbledon for 15 years to scare about pigeons. The All England Club em- ploys Rufus to patrol their 42-acre grounds through- out the year, with daily vis- its during the two weeks of The Championships and the 2012 Summer Olym- pics. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Agatha Christie wrote a book about code breaking that was a little too real.

Agatha Christie was investigated by MI5 over a book about code breaking. She wrote a novel in 1941 about WWII code breaking featuring a character named Major Bletchley, un- aware that there was a then-secret code-breaking facility in Bletchley Park. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The Guardian

The Hamburg Hydra was debunked by the father of modern taxonomy.

The father of modern taxonomy fled Hamburg after debunking the mayor's taxidermied hydra. Carl Linnaeus stopped in the German town and was presented the supposed remains of a seven-headed hydra, which Linnaeus identified as being cob- bled together with weasel and snake parts. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Royal Society

A German meme denies the existence of their 18th largest city.

There is a meme for German internet users to pretend the town of Bielefeld does not exist. The town in fact decid- ed to put out a press re- lease in 1999 confirming their existence, but they did so on April 1st, only further perpetuating the meme. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

City Monitor

People in Milwaukee eat raw beef sandwiches with onion.

A Cannibal sandwich consisting of raw beef and onion on rye bread is a Milwaukee Christmas tradition. The tradition likely goes back to the northern Euro- peans who settled in the state, but has been waning in popularity, and the USDA has come out to say it is unsafe to eat the raw delicacy. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


There was a canine romance between the USSR and the US.

John F. Kennedy's dog had puppies with the offspring of a Soviet space dog. Strelka, who had spent a day aboard Sputnik 2, had a puppy that was present- ed to JFK in 1961. The dog, Pushinka, and Charlie, the White House dog, had four puppies that JFK referred to as pupniks. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


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