17 Looks and Accessories in Pop Culture You Probably Couldn’t Pull Off

Seriously, you'll look much less cool than you think if you try.
17 Looks and Accessories in Pop Culture You Probably Couldn’t Pull Off

Fashion comes and goes and comes back again. Mullets for example. During the 1980s, the hockey hair trend was in full swing and in fashion. Then in the 1990s into the 2000s, they became the most ridiculed hairstyle in the United States. It went from a common cut for actors and musicians to a white trash formal cut. Now in the 2020s, they have slightly evolved but are now back as a trend in certain circles, with interest growing.

While a mullet can be done, over-done, then done again, there are some fashion things that you just can’t pull off. Mostly hairstyles, looks, and accessories done by characters in your favorite TV shows, movies, comic books, and video games among other mediums. Sure, it’ll look badass in a cartoon, but probably looks like a cry for help if seen in real life.

Here are some of the fashion and hair choices made by certain characters that you should probably avoid replicating.

Rache's Haircut

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off Friends The Rachel haircut This mid-'90s look is making a semi-comeback, but trying to make it work now just tells the world I'm almost 40 and/or I hate current TV and it was either this or The Office again. Jennifer Aniston has moved on, and so should you. CRACKED.COM

Saul Goodman's Ring

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul Marco's pinky ring A pinky ring is the jewelry equivalent of playing poker and going all-in. It's the fashion choice of the incredibly bold or the sad fake-it-till-you- make-its, never in-between. It's the finger ring that wears a tie to go to Red Lobster. CRACKED.COM - -

Leia's Hair

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off Star Wars Princess Leia's hair buns Cosplayers have spent decades replicating this look with various levels of success, but aside from the convention scene, could this unfrosted Cinnabon side hairball look be out in the wild without someone saying, Ah, yes, Star Wars, I get it? Highly unlikely. CRACKED.COM

Wolverine's Hair

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off X-Men Wolverine's nonsense hairstyle Wolvie's hair was supposed to look like a wolverine's ears/his mask, but it is arguably the most ridiculous part of an otherwise badass character. And he achieves this look without any products, somehow! CRACKED.COM

Tobias Fünke's Cutoffs

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off MUSASE RETURN TO Arrested Development - - Association - - - - - - - - - - Tobias Fünke's cutoffs As outerwear, cutoffs serve no other function than to show off your butt in beach movies from the 1990s. As underwear, how is Tobias not chafing his thighs and nethers into a friction bubble rash? CRACKED.COM

Steven Universe's Belly Gem

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off Steven Universe Steven Universe's belly gem Belly rings and jewelry fell out of fashion in the 2000s, so it's dated. However, if your body jewelry is the essence of your dead mom and you have a it's complicated relationship with her, keeping it is understandable. CRACKED.COM

Morpheus' Dream Ruby

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off The Sandman The Dream Ruby Overly large, gaudy, and straight from your grandmother's vanity. It's appropriate for ren faire and not much else, even if its a physical manifestation of the Dream Lord's powers. CRACKED.COM

Potara Earrings

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off Dragon Ball Z Potara earrings Little bauble earrings are difficult for masc-presenting people to match with most outfits, especially if you have to share one half of the pair with someone else, like those BFF heart pendant necklaces. CRACKED.COM

Naruto's Headband

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off Naruto Forehead Protectors/ Ninja Headbands This thing's function is suspect, as it only protects your forehead and not your face, your skull, or anything else really. It's goodto show which ninja team you're on, but headband aren't in style except for 1980s exercise videos. CRACKED.COM

Marge Simpson's Hair

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off The Simpsons Marge Simpson's extra-tall beehive hair The beehive was never as tall as Marge's even in its heyday, and that was 70 years ago. It's rare for anyone to pull off this look today, not just because of the style but because of all the low-clearance bridges in CRACKED.COM

Kung Lao's Hat

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off Mortal Kombat Kung Lao's razor-rimmed hat This hat is nothing but trouble. Not only is it a big choice to add it to your ensemble, it's a pain to try to take it off without slicing up your fingers. On the other hand, you can just embed it into the nearest wall if there isn't a hat rack available. CRACKED.COM

Jotaro Kuro;s Hair/Hat

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Jotaro Kujo's hat/hair hybrid In a manga/anime that bends reality so much and so often, there's no greater mystery than this: Where does Jotaro's hat end and his hair begin? Even if you were to figure that out for your own look, you're probably not cool enough to pull it off. CRACKED.COM

Power Rangers' Power Morpher

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off Mighty Morphin Power Rangers RANGERS Power Morpher Chunky bracelets go in and out of style all the time, but even if they are in fashion this looks like an Apple Watch from 1994. also Also, good luck stopping others from figuring out you're a Power Ranger with this gold lump on your arm. S CRACKED.COM

Batman's Ears

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off DC Comics Batman's bat ears Two little pointy dinks on your head undercuts any sleekness you're trying to achieve, and two tall, sharp points can poke an eye out every time you have to duck into a hallway. Plus, bats ears aren't spikes, so what is this to begin with? CRACKED.COM

Luke Cage's Chain

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off IS BEIN'ALIVE! UT THERE'S THERE' NLY THESE ONE RUISES! FILE-- BOAT Marvel OU'RE GONNA KE IT... EATH. HERE Luke Cage's ER YOU ARE, UCAS anchor chain belt M OPPV While Luke Cage's entire costume is suspect, there are a select few that could look good in a yellow pirate shirt or a tiara. A heavy anchor chain makes walking a chore, and there is no way it could hold up your pants. It's literally built to weigh everything down! CRACKED.COM

Ash's Chainsaw

Pop Culture Looks You Couldn't Pull Off Evil Dead Ash's chainsaw hand Generally speaking, power tools are a frowned- upon accessory at most social functions. It's hard to blend in at a cocktail party if your right hand is emitting a loud hum and reeks of gasoline. Still, it is useful even if it isn't fashionable. CRACKED.COM
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