18 Now-You-Know Movie Facts to Read While Stirring the Gravy

18 Now-You-Know Movie Facts to Read While Stirring the Gravy

If you want to make perfect gravy for your pasta dish, you have to regularly stir it. Not too much, or it’ll get too thin. Not too little, or it'll still be clumped. The key to a good tomato-based gravy is to stir nice and slow, consistently and constantly. A constant swirl, a consistent spiral. But you'll get bored if you don’t put your mind on something.

Why not help pass the nigh-endless stirring time by reading some movie trivia facts on your phone? It could help distract you for at least a couple of minutes until the gravy is right and ready to get married to your rigatoni. It’s more simple than you think. Just stir with one hand and read off of your phone with the other. You’re welcome.

Here are some movie facts to read over and over until they’re memorized to help you kill time while you kill it with that gravy!

The Godfather Part II

The Godfather Part II Robert De Niro lived in Sicily to prepare for the role. Going the method route, De Niro stayed in Sicily to thoroughly learn the local language, as all but eight words of his dialogue were in Sicilian. CRACKED.COM

ABC News

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