15 Facts About Scary Flicks Based On Real Events

15 Facts About Scary Flicks Based On Real Events

Horror films are great because once the lights are up, the dread is over. You know you are safe. But all of these movies posit – what if, no? Because each of them is, surprisingly, in some cases, based on an actual true story. 

Sometimes the story is as prosaic as an odd thing that happened to someone, or a misheard story, and sometimes it happened to the creator or their loved ones. Sometimes it’s pretty chill, and other times it’s … not so great. Be warned, there’s triggering stuff in here, especially since it’s not funny “haha” a lot of the time – it’s … yeesh. You know? Because horror movies are fun and all, but sometimes they can be just a bit much. Look, we would throw in a random one in there about puppies playing soccer with kittens to lighten the mood, but Google would yell at us. Anyway, on to the horror ...

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Scary Movies Based on A weird series of sleeping deaths involving Asian men in the early '80s A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger's name is actually a nod to writer/director Wes Craven's childhood bully, Fred Krueger. CRACKED.COM

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