15 of the Best Symbiotic Relationships in Pop Culture

It’s like an extreme version of having a roommate.
15 of the Best Symbiotic Relationships in Pop Culture

“If we stick together, nothing can stop us!” This is a rallying cry for close friends, family, lovers, and comrades-in-arms throughout all books, TV shows, and movies, along with being a theme in real life, too. However, sometimes there are characters who share a bond much deeper than any of those relationships. In fact, many of them share the same body!

Symbiotic relationships are prevalent in nature, and especially prevalent in the media we consume. There are several instances when two characters are forced to share a body or be trapped in someone’s mind or become a merged being for the length of an episode, but what about the ones who are just stuck together, whether by choice or circumstance? Two heads are better than one (well, sometimes) and two characters in one body could create something new, too.

Here are some of the best symbiotic characters and relationships within comic books, films, television, and more!

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