45 Diseases We Didn't Need To Know Existed

45 Diseases We Didn't Need To Know Existed

Haven't we all had enough with diseases? That virus that kept us all inside for over a year, and now this monkeypox thing that we don't seem to be doing a much better job of managing? Still, you clicked on a link for a listicle all about a bunch of terrible diseases that we literally warned you that you'd rather not know about. That means you've got the same morbid fascinations that we do… So I guess we can just get into it? 

Not all of these diseases listed below are obscure; For each one that we'd be shocked if you've ever heard of, there's one that you might see drug advertisements for on primetime television… Still, we're willing to bet there are wild facts about those diseases that you wouldn't have guessed. 

Let's, uh, keep washing our hands, wearing masks when we're supposed to, and maybe keep a doctor on speed dial?

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