20 Movie Goofs We Aren’t Able to Unsee

No movie is perfect. No, not even 'Die Hard.'
20 Movie Goofs We Aren’t Able to Unsee

Everybody makes mistakes, if you pay close attention and don’t let them slip. Restaurants make mistakes, video games make mistakes, one could even say history is the sum of tiny mistakes with big consequences. And of course, movies make mistakes. A lot. Seriously, Hollywood is full of dumb decisions and errors. Hell, even this Pictofact entry is full of them, which is something for commenters to complain about as if entropy weren’t engraved in the very structure of reality. When mistakes appear in movies, however, they’re more properly speaking continuity errors, or goofs.

In this Pictofact, we take a look at a bunch of amazing movie goofs. Some of them require a bit of attention, some of them required years for viewers to spot them, and others are so obvious that we’re just going to assume they were left there for their respected movies to continue to be discussed. Remember that classic goof from 1985’s Crush Groove? Just kidding, there are probably tons of goofs in that movie, but the point is that we just made you think about Crush Groove. Also, yes, we know it’s “Krush” with a K, that was just a freebie for the complainers.  

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