18 Facts About What’s Streaming On Hulu In August

18 Facts About What’s Streaming On Hulu In August

What are you doing with yourself? Seriously, what’s wrong with you? Surely, you have better things to do than that thing you did. You know the thing. Don’t pretend you don’t know the thing. We all know very well the thing you did. We don’t know why you did it, but we know you did it. And there were so many other things you could have done instead of that thing.

You could have watched Hulu! It’s that one streaming service. No, the other one. No, the one that’s sorta owned by Disney but it’s not Disney+. Yeah, that one. You could have watched that one. There’s a lot of stuff you could have watched on Hulu. It would have killed more time than that thing you did. They're even adding new stuff onto it, too.

Here are some facts about the new-to-Hulu shows and movies being added to it this month.

The Muppets Take Manhattan

August on hulu August 1 The Muppets Take Manhattan Joan Rivers and Miss Piggy were drunk. The scene wasn't clicking, so Frank Oz ordered Bloody Marys for him and Rivers. It loosened them up to get the performance they wanted. CRACKED.COM

Source: NPR

The Shape of Water

August on hulu August 14 The Shape of Water Guillermo del Toro pitched the movie to Sally Hawkins when he was drunk during the 2014 Golden Globes ceremony. CRACKED.COM

Source: Screen Rant

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

August on hulu August 1 X-Men Origins: Wolverine Kodi Smit-McPhee (Nightcrawler in X-Men: Apocalypse) was supposed to play a young Wolverine, but had to drop out due to shooting commitments with The Road. CRACKED.COM

Source: Moviefone

The Blair Witch Project

August on hulu The Blair August 1 Witch Project The actors were encouraged to come up with their own lines to keep the film feeling natural and real. In lieu of an actual script, everyone involved worked from a 35-page treatment. CRACKED.COM

Source: Screen Rant

Pretty Woman

August on hulu August 1 Pretty Woman The original ending was bleak, with Kit dying from an OD, and Edward kicking Vivian out of his car while tossing money at her for the weekend. This is the perfect argument for rewrites. CRACKED.COM

Source: Collider


August on hulu August 1 Ghostbusters Sigourney Weaver embodied one of Gozer's dogs during her audition, and started writhing on the floor and barking at the director. She got the part (of the female lead, not the dog). CRACKED.COM

Source: Rolling Stone

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

August on hulu Boruto: Naruto Next August 1 Generations This is the sequel series to the Naruto anime featuring his son, who is also a bratty ninja with special the one powers like his dad. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBR

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