25 News Briefs That Really Left Their Mark

The robot war has claimed its first casualty: the finger of a 7-year-old chess player.
25 News Briefs That Really Left Their Mark

So, I enjoy this list of interesting facts because it is the perfect length for a beer or a tall glass of ice-cold water, yet I still manage to get through it in one evening. As soon as I start the second night, I am already two beers into my third, and have started skipping the actual list, which I realize is the wrong way to go about things, and the third night, I am too far into my fifth beer to even remember the title of the list. By the sixth day, I am feeling woozy from dehydration. My mind is swimming in a sea of fog, and it is no longer even remotely possible to read the list with any clarity. I am so out of it that I can't even remember the title, so I start at the top again. The next day I am sober, and the thought of having to start all over is so mortifying that I go straight back to the beer. By the tenth day I am feeling hungover, so I stop reading the list altogether, and go back to the beer.

British tourist, 21, killed by helicopter blade in Greece.

A 21-year-old tourist was killed by a helicopter rotor trying to take a selfie in Greece. CRACKED.COM Jack Fenton was instantly killed after disembarking from the aircraft. Greek prosecutors are seeking negligence charges for the pilot and engineers, since the blades should have been at a standstill.

The Guardian

A priest conducted Mass in swim trunks and used an inflatable mattress as an altar.

A priest in Italy conducted Mass standing in the ocean, using an inflatable as an altar. GRACKED.COM Father Mattia Bernasconi took to the sea to escape the heat with students on a camping trip, donning swim trunks and using an air mattress to conduct the service.


New Mexico road sign corrected after misspelling 'Albuquerque.'

A road sign in New Mexico had to be corrected because it misspelled 'Albuquerque.' CRACKED.COM The sign for Interstate 40 was recently installed on Route 66, and travelers pointed out the word Al- buquerque was missing its r. To be fair, not even Weird Al could spell it.


Mother alleges racial discrimination by mascot at Chuck E. Cheese.

Charles Entertainment Cheese has been accused of racism for denying a little girl a high five. CRACKED.COM The Chuck Е. Cheese mas- cot was recorded giving high fives to white chil- dren, but when it was time for one woman's daughter, who happens to be Black, the rodent passed her up.


Black bear enters Connecticut home, raids snacks from kitchen.

Black bear enters Connecticut home, raids snacks from kitchen. CRACKED.COM The man went into his kitchen and found a black bear eating marshmal- lows and peanut butter crackers that had been left on a countertop. The bear had broken through a screen door to enter the house. Christine Vannie said the refrigerator in the home's garage had been ransacked a few days earlier, and the couple sus- pects the same black bear was behind both incidents.


Chess robot breaks finger of seven-year-old opponent at Moscow Open.

The robot war has claimed its first casualty: the finger of a 7-year-old chess player. CRACKED.COM It is not completely clear why the chess-playing robot chose to do what it did, but it seems it has something to do with the boy taking his turns too quickly. We, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

News Cop

Hershey says it won't be able to meet Halloween demand this year.

Hershey warned that they won't be able to meet demand this Halloween season. RSHEY'S HERSHEY'S HERSHEY'S HERSHEY RSHEY'S HERSHEY'S HERSHEY'S HERSHEY RSHEY'S HERSHEY'S HERSHEY'S HERSHEY CRACKED.COM Demand has surpassed supply, says Hershey CEO Michele Buck, seeing as how they use the same manufacturing lines for their regular and seasonal offerings and can't ramp up production on both.


Jogger screams for help as otters chase after her at Singapore park.

Otters chased a screaming jogger at a park in Singapore. CRACKED COM A mother in the park that witnessed the chase be- lieved that the otters were aggravated after the woman accidentally stepped on one of their pups. Onlookers were too afraid to help the woman.

Asia One

Outrage in Iran after government puts Google on Safe Search for all Iranians.

The Iranian government put Google on Safe Search for the entire country. CRACKED.COM Iran's communications minis- ter confirmed the new re- striction following requests from Iranian families. Rather than being directly connect- ed to Google, users will be di- rected to a site controlled by the government.

Middle East Eye

Prosecutors seek 8 years in prison, $24 million fine after Shakira rejects plea deal.

Prosecutors are seeking 8 years in prison for Shakira on tax fraud. CRACKED.COM The pop star reject- ed the plea deal giv- en to her and opted to go to trial, which could result in years in prison and a $24 million fine.

Fox News

Florida man uses finger guns to steal Waffle House napkins.

A man in Florida announced he was drunk and high before stealing napkins at Waffle House. CRACKED.COM One Waffle House employ- ее called 911 to report an attempted robbery after the criminal mastermind used finger guns to grab a handful of napkins before making his daring escape.

My Sun Coast

Birthday party identified as source of mysterious sound 'plaguing' Richmond.

A mysterious sound plaguing Richmond was coming from a birthday party. CRACKED.COM Mayor Tom Butt offered a $500 reward to whoever could identify the sound, which was bumping all through the night. Resident Ruby Gorrostieta said the driving bass line could only mean one thing, aliens.


Italian thieves return watch to victim after realizing it was fake.

Thieves in Italy returned a watch from their victim after realizing it was fake. 22 R 20 a г BI 2 A II II 2 = 4 16 II O II a 6 14 B < / 20 // 12 g = = OF B CRACKED.COM Two Swiss tourists were robbed at gunpoint, with the assailant making off with one of their time- pieces. Minutes later, an- other man returned the watch and apologized.


Incorrectly painted lanes on street cause confusion in Hollister, CA.

A contractor didn't read plans correctly and painted squiggly road lines in California. LAST PSICE Fifth St ZUMOS Restaurant FOR LEASE to 537-7337 CRACKED COM The winding lines, which were supposed to be just slightly curved to discour- age drag racing in the street, confused motorists, some of which just drove straight through them.


Woman Finds 18 Scorpions In Her Suitcase After Returning From Vacation In Croatia.

A scorpion gave birth in an woman's suitcase while she was on vacation. GRACKED COM The Austrian woman was emptying her suitcase af- ter returning from her va- cation in Croatia when she spotted something she did not remember packing: 18 live scorpions.


79-year-old torches cars decades after dealership sold him bad Jeep.

A79-year-old torched two car dealerships over a bad sale in 1986. Jeep - CRACKED.COM It was time for the chick- ens to return to the roost, said the near-octogenarian after setting fires with road flares as revenge for being sold a Jeep with a bad motor and refusing to make it right.

Centre Daily

Pothole penis painter returns with rubber duck stunt.

The pothole penis painter is at it again, this time with rubber duckies. GRACKED.COM After being told he would be fined for his penile grafitti, which he used to force the municipality to address road hazards, Geoff Upson started plac- ing rubber ducks potholes that collected water.

NZ Herald

Scientists at CERN are not opening a 'portal to hell.'

Scientists at CERN had to, again, clarify that they are not opening a portal to Hell. CRACKED.COM Social media users are claiming that the Large Hadron Collider, which was recently turned back on, is a tool to punch a hole into another reality or even Hell itself.

USA Today

PM tells workers to stop wearing ties to save energy.

The Spanish Prime Minister said to beat the heat by not wearing neckties. CRACKED.COM Amid record-breaking heat waves, PM Pedro Sanchez called on work- ers in the public and pri- vate sector to stop wearing ties, as an ener- gy saving measure.


Veracruz woman gets her last wish: giant penis to adorn her grave.

A 100-year-old grandma requested a gigantic penis statue to adorn her grave. CRACKED.COM Catarina Orduña, of Vera- cruz, Mexico, wanted the organ to be erected on her grave in honor and rever- ence for the appendage, which she called a tool of pleasure to be celebrated.

Mexico News Daily

Tim Hortons offers coffee and doughnut as proposed settlement in class action lawsuit.

Tim Hortons floats the idea of offering coffee and donuts to settle a class action lawsuit. Tim Hortons DRIVE THRU EXIT GRACKED.COM The coffee and doughnut chain reached the pro- posed settlement in mul- tiple class action lawsuits alleging the restaurant's mobile app violated cus- tomer privacy.

CTV News

Congressman Attends Son's Gay Wedding After Voting Against Gay Marriage.

A Congressman attended his son's gay wedding after voting against gay marriage. CRACKED.COM PA Republican Congress- man Glenn Thompson vot- ed against a bill for gay (and interracial) marriage, and then days later attend- ed the wedding to his son, who married another man.

Erie News Now

Wisconsin activist says he committed voter fraud to expose potential voter fraud.

An activist committed voter fraud to expose potential voter fraud. IC REPUBLICAN DEMOCRATIC OFFICIAL BALLOT 300ml sources MINISTRY ABSENTEE I Harry Wait, the president of Instructions 2 - I - I a . 1 I JOHN your f 1 choice To VODA like a person $ I STATE TREASURES I & I I في bake I F SVB parent Government, said he pean A eno 1 I & by Into : أ DYSTE POR Honest, Open and Trans- you A I change ! Your I BRAD LAGER | i a # a pol I و I successfully ordered absen- for ballos I and PRESIDENT


Jim Harbaugh would raise the baby of any Michigan player dealing with unplanned pregnancy.

A football coach offered to adopt any unplanned baby from players after the reversal of Roe v. Wade. GRAGKED.COM Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh said he told players and staff members that if they find them- selves with an unplanned pregnancy, he and his wife will take that baby.

CBS Sports 

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