It’s often said that a dog is a man’s best friend, but sometimes that’s not true. Sometimes it’s a cat (even though it won’t use the litter box). Or a horse (even though stable fees are expensive). Or a teacup pig (even if they are only that size because they were underfed). But what about comic book heroes? Do they have a furry/scaly/hoofy best friend?

While sidekicks come and go, super pets and other comic pet allies are harder to come by. However, with movies like DC League of Super-Pets, it’s easy to see the appeal. You love your dog, right? You love Batman, too, yes? So you’ll probably love a combination of the two.We mean, who wouldn't?

Luckily, there are a number of furry/scaly/hoofy creatures that team up with superheroes and other comic characters to help them fight for justice or evil. Here is a Pictofact with some of the best ones!

Lucky the Pizza Dog

COMIC PETS HAWKEYE LUCKY LUCKY JEN THE PIZZA DOG This pizza-loving good boy with the missing left eye was adopted by the Archer Avenger after saving him from the Tracksuit Mafia. Не even got his own issue, entirely told from his point of view. CRACKED.COM

Source: Marvel Database

Old Lace

COMIC PETS THE RUNAWAYS OLD LACE Imagine that your parents get you a pet and it turns out not to be a goldfish, but an intelligent dinosaur that shares a telepathic bond with you. That happemed to Gertrude Yorkes, and they have a stronger bond than most dog/human relationships. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

Devil Dinosaur

COMIC PETS MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR DEVIL DINOSAUR Picture Clifford the Big Red Dog, but it's a big red T. rex. From an alternate reality. That's fiercely loyal to their companions. The jackpot of all pet options. CRACKED.COM

Source: Marvel


COMIC PETS BATMAN BAT-COW After Batman and Robin rescue her from a slaughterhouse, Robin officially adopts the Bat-Bovine as an unofficial family member. She resides in a barn at Wayne Manor. CRACKED.COM

Source: DC Database

Ace the Bat-Hound

COMIC PETS BATMAN ACE THE BAT-HOUND A German Shepherd (sometimes depicted as a Great Dane) that is a loyal pet to Batman/Bruce Wayne. Fitting that a regular human hero has a regular dog, and likes to put him in costumes like any pet owner. CRACKED.COM

Source: Batman Fandom

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