16 Facts Dreamt Up About The Sandman

We've spent some sleepless nights collecting facts about the Lord of the Dreaming.
16 Facts Dreamt Up About The Sandman

Before you watched the Netflix show you listened to the audiobook. Before you listened to the audiobook you read the comics. If you are a regular reader of Cracked, there is a high chance that you have seen, heard, or read about The Sandman.

Way back in the now-ancient time of 1989, Neil Gaiman presented us a world in which dreams and sleep were surveilled and ruled under a stoic lord that went by many names: Morpheus, The Lord Shaper, Kai’ckul, and Dream of the Endless. Or, you know, The Sandman. You probably know all of this. But do you truly know your Sandman?

We have spent a few restless nights gathering up some behind the scenes facts about the making of The Sandman comic book and the show that even most strident fans may not have known, whether awake or in The Dreaming. Have a look at some of these facts, won’t you?

Names of the Sandman

CRACKED.COM The Sandman has many names. Dream of the Endless, Morpheus, Lord Shaper, Oneiros, Lord L'Zoril, Lord of the Dreaming, Kai'ckul, and Murphy are just some of the ones we know. SANOMAN T H E

Source: CBR

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

CRACKED.COM the a SANOMAN H w We almost had a Sandman movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Among all the attempted adaptations, one was going to be produced by and starring JGL. Не left the project in 2016, citing creative differences with the studio.

Source: 15 Facts

Justice League

...yes, It Is. I am Dream of the Endless, and I have come to tell you that this nightmare... has onlyjust begun. The Sandman crossed paths with the Justice League. Dream is considered an elder god by the Martian Manhunter, and Dream's successor Daniel had more adventures with the League in their comics. SANOMAN T E H CRACKED.COM

Source: CBR

Best Seller

CRACKED.COM SANOMAN The comic was on the New York Times Bestseller List. Before manga and graphic novels had their own category, The Sandman was a New York Times Best Seller, which only a few other comics such as Watchmen, Maus, and The Dark Knight Returns had managed.

Source: GQ

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