15 Tricks That Food Marketers Use To Dupe Our Feeble, Hungry Brains

15 Tricks That Food Marketers Use To Dupe Our Feeble, Hungry Brains

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Lighting People's CRACKED.COM That's the same reason fast food restaurants all live in a fluorescent hellscape. On the other hand, fan- су restaurants keep the lights low so you have to lean in to read the menu, which encourages intimacy with your foodmates and keeps you talking and ordering outra- geously marked up wine.


Saline Meat

Saline Meat CRACKED.COM Plants aren't the only things in the grocery store that get an aquatic fluffer. Lots of meat manufacturers inject their products with saline to make them look juicier and weight more.


The Health Halo

The Health Halo CRACKED.COM If you've noticed that fast food menus tend to feature big photos of salad front and center, it's not (just) because the markup on those is so high. It also makes everything else on the menu seem healthy by association. It's also why grocery stores put their produce sections at the front and packaged food com- panies are vying to get their prod- ucts placed there.


Tricks to Make Food Look Good in Pictures

Tricks to Make Food Look Good in Pictures GRACKED.COM All kinds of things are substitut- ed, like glue for milk or mashed potatoes for ice cream, or add- ed, like Scotchgard on pancakes or soap in carbonated beverag- es, to food to make it look bet- ter on film. It might look tasty, but you'd be in a world of regret if you actually took a bite.


Meaningless Buzzwords

Meaningless Buzzwords CRACKED.COM The only legal requirement for calling a food fresh is that it's never been frozen; it doesn't mean it won't have the texture of a limp diaper. Like- wise, you are almost never eat- ing Kobe beef, and the term cage free is an impressive exercise in semantics.



Scent CRACKED.COM While most bakeries do their knead- ing and seeding in the hours that shouldn't exist to make sure their goodies are fresh every morning, Panera bread does the opposite to make sure the store smells like fresh bread when you walk in. Cinnabon also places their ovens near the front of their stores to lure you away from smelling all the candles at Bath & Body Works.


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