15 Details Of Kurt Cobain's Death That Take The Weird To Eleven

On April 5, 1994, we sadly found out that Kurt indeed had a gun. And then it got sadder and weirder.
15 Details Of Kurt Cobain's Death That Take The Weird To Eleven

I enjoy this list of interesting facts. I love how facts have a way of coming to light in such an unexpected way and I love that they make people laugh. This list will probably be long. We all know the best way to get a point across is to illustrate it with a fact. This is one of my favourite methods to do so. And there are many, many interesting facts to be told. Some of them are just as absurd and silly as they are amazing. As such, I have decided to compile a list of facts. They will be strange and they will be absurd. They will make you question your reality. They will make you question whether the world is really the way you think it is. It will be a long list, and some of these facts may not seem like facts at all, but then again they might.

The FBI Maintains a (Lackluster) Case File

The FBI Maintains a (Lackluster) Case File FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIESTION DEPARTMENT وطن 26 In 2021, the FBI released its re- cords on Cobain's suicide, but anyone hoping it might contain something useful was bound to be disappointed. It's just 10 pag- es of letters from people asking the Bureau to investigate his death and their polite responses that it's actually not their juris- diction. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


There Was No Wave of Copycat Suicides

There Was No Wave of Copycat Suicides At the time, it was feared that Cobain's suicide would inspire copycats in his devoted fans, and some people claim that it actually did, but experts have found that not only did the wave never materialize, suicide rates in Seattle actually de- creased after his death. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


His Suicide Note Wasn’t Forged

His Suicide Note Wasn't Forged Conspiracy theorists also point to the only part of Co- bain's suicide note that defi- nitely hints at suicide, which looks like it could be some- one else's handwriting, but forensic analysis has contra- dicted the claim time and again. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


They Dragged Neil Young Into This

They Dragged Neil Young Into This Cobain's suicide note referenced the Neil Young lyric It's better to burn out than to fade away, which was a pretty big blow to Neil Young. It fucked with me, he later wrote. I, coincidentally, had been trying to reach him. I wanted to talk to him. Tell him only to play when he felt like it. Let that be a lesson, kids: Don't do anything drastic, because Neil Young might be try- ing to call you. A week after Cobain was discovered, Pearl Jam also quoted the song during their performance on Satur-


He Knew the Medical Examiner

Не Knew the Medical Examiner One of Nirvana's first 1988 con- certs was booked by a man named Nikolaus Hartshorne, who later quit the music business ... and be- came the King County assistant medical examiner. Не ended up performing Cobain's autopsy and thus playing a crucial role in the beginning and end of his career. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


But He Legally Bought the Ammo

But Не Legally Bought the Ammo S&BIO The day after he Spider-Manned out of the California rehab, Cobain was back in Seattle, where he was picked up at home by a cab driver who said he asked him to take him somewhere he could buy shotgun shells because he was afraid of burglars. Twenty years later, a Seattle officer revealed that a receipt for $6.95 from a gun shop around the time and place the cab driver said he dropped Cobain off was kept in the case file. At least he got a good deal? CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

CBS News

Police Took His Guns

Police Took His Guns a In the 10 months before his death, police seized firearms from the Co- bain residence twice, first after a domestic disturbance and then af- ter his wife reported that he'd locked himself in a closet and threatened suicide. The guns were returned af- ter the first incident, but after the second, the police decided they should maybe keep them. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


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