20 Classy (But Still Kinda Sleazy) Facts About Frank Sinatra

Calling anyone else "iconic" is disrespectful to Frank, really.
20 Classy (But Still Kinda Sleazy) Facts About Frank Sinatra

Hey kids, do you know Frank Sinatra? Well, buckle up, buckos, because in this Pictofact we’re taking a look at the American musician that turned lady-chasing, self-hating toxic masculinity into multi-layered, soul-searching art. No, not Anderson Paak. Nope, not Josh Homme. No, not Warren Zevon either – come on, did you read our opening line? We mean The Voice, Ol’ Blue Eyes, The Chairman of the Board, the Boss. We know, we know, this subject might not be too popular with kids these days and their *reminder: Google which pop stars are trending right now*, but at the same time, this might just be our old self being condescending, so really, what do we know?

Now, we have devoted some attention to Sinatra, but merely scratching the whisky-soaked surface of his whisky-soaked life offers interesting facts about his almost seven decade-long whisky-soaked career. Indeed, when Sinatra died in 1998, he was already as iconic as Elvis, Madonna, or Marilyn Monroe. And we know this word is thrown around a lot, like, the Kardashians are supposed to be “iconic,” because God is dead and his corpse zombie-laughs as a planet in which words are meaningless burns, okay, sure. But Sinatra was truly iconic. And don’t get us wrong: he was no saint. He might have been a tough softie whose big energy and even bigger heart shaped American masculinity for decades — but he was also complex, violent, ended up supporting Reagan, and wore fedoras. So, you know, he wasn’t perfect. In any case, legends don’t even have to be, so enough ring-a-ding-ding! Cue the big band intro and the classy (yet kinda sleazy) Pictofacts.

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