25 Top Stories For The History Books

The Sri Lankan president says, “This resignation could have been an email.”
25 Top Stories For The History Books

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NASA: Give Us Back Our Moon Dust and Cockroaches.

NASA halted an auction of moon dust and dead cockroaches. CRACKED COM The moon dust was col- lected during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission and had been fed to cockroaches to determine if it contained any pathogens that posed a threat to terrestrial life.

US News

Burlington resident creates backyard sex toy display in retaliation of bylaw dispute.

An Ontario resident put up a sex-toy display in retaliation over their neighbors. GRAGKED.COM The man says there was a dispute over an unsafe tree that needed removal, so he adorned a raccoon house with colorful adult toys in clear view of his neighbor.


Man who 'feared his wife' refused to tell her he had a water bottle stuck in his anus.

A man with a water bottle in his anus was scared to tell his wife the truth. CRACKED.COM The 50-year-old was taken to the hospital when his wife became increasingly worried about his lack of appetite, constipation and cramps. Не was, surpris- ingly, extraordinarily hy- drated.


US cruise ships using Canada as a ‘toilet bowl’ for polluted waste.

US cruise ships on their way to Alaska are using Canadian waters as a toilet bowl. MSC NEW SEASIDE CRACKED.COM Lax Canadian regula- tions have created 'per- verse incentives' for US cruise ships to discharge toxic mix of chemicals and wastewater off Brit- ish Columbia.

The Guardian

Scientists design contraceptives to limit grey squirrels.

The UK is designing contraceptives to be used on wild squirrels. GRACKED.COM The mass birth control plan involves luring gray squirrels into feeding boxes only they can access, using pots con- taining hazelnut spread. These will be spiked with contraceptives.


Philippines mayor orders government workers to smile – or else.

A mayor in the Philippines told government workers to smile, or else. CRACKED.COM Executive Order No. 002 Series of 2022 did not just require all local govern- ment employees to smile when serving the public. It also threatened disci- plinary action for those who did not comply.

The Guardian

Hidden Van Gogh self-portrait found behind another painting.

A self-portrait by Van Gogh was discovered behind one of his other paintings. CRACKED.COM Art conservators dis- covered the concealed image behind Head of a Peasant Woman, hidden by layers of glue and cardboard for more than a century.


Woman who gave birth in Jamaica stranded after baby refused entry to UK.

A British woman who gave birth in Jamaica was stranded after her baby was denied entry to the UK. CRACKED.COM Tiffany Ellis has been try- ing to return to the UK ever since the end of April, but the Home Office has refused her baby, Xien, permission to come over because she had an es- tablished life in Jamaica.

The Guardian

Man lit his camper on fire, defaced own garage to appear targeted due to Trump flag.

A man lit his own camper on fire to claim he was being targeted over his political beliefs. CRACKED.COM Denis Vladmirovich Molla filed several fraudulent in- surance claims over his burned camper, saying it was targeted based on a Trump flag. Не also spray painted Biden 2020 on his own garage.


Local business owner defends controversial sign in LeRoy.

A local business is defending their sign meant to educate libtards. CRACKED.COM The sign outside of Guns & Glory reads, A tip for libtard leftist idiots to help with gender confusion_ Look in your underwear God help us. A very cool and smart thing to say.

25 News Now

“Chocolate to Die For” ice cream may actually kill you.

The FDA is recalling a potentially dangerous food product: Chocolate To Die For ice cream. CRACKED.COM The ice cream may con- tain undeclared peanuts which could be deadly for anyone with peanut, or peanut-related allergies. Is this not just truth in ad- vertising?

Live 959

Woman spent $600K to be Kim Kardashian, now paying $120K to 'detransition.'

A woman is paying $120k to transition... back from her $600k Kim Kardashian transition. GRACKED.COM Versace Model Jennifer Pamplona spent nearly $600K on procedures to transform herself into a Kim Kardashian lookalike, and has now paid $120K to detransition back to her former appearance.

The Print

Sri Lankan president resigns by email after fleeing to Singapore.

The Sri Lankan president fled to Singapore and resigned over email. CRACKED.COM Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled his country in the wake of anti-government protests. The legality of the email resignation needs to be ascertained by the rele- vant authorities.


Indiana man claims running on all fours like a dog daily has made him 'crazy ripped.’

A personal trainer in Indiana says he got crazy ripped by running on all fours like a dog. CRACKED.COM Nathaniel Nolan said that he's seen noticeable changes in his body after running on all fours like a dog every day for almost an entire year. He's proba- bly noticed a change in his dating life, as well.


US troops in Germany banned from alcohol after scooter incidents.

A US Army brigade in Germany was banned from alcohol after a scooter incident. CRACKED.COM The troops have been confined to their base during evenings after five of them were charged with driving scooters under the influ- ence in Nuremberg.


Albuquerque to place statues of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Statues of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from 'Breaking Bad' are going up in Albuquerque. CRACKED.COM According to a press re- lease, the statues were cre- ated by Trevor Grove at the request of series devel- oper Vince Gilligan, who will now be donating the statues to the city with Sony Pictures Television.


Fox Sports apologizes for superimposing Yankees, Red Sox logos over 9/11 memorial.

Fox Sports superimposed the Yankees and Red Sox logos over the 9/11 memorial. CRACKED.COM Fox issued an apology for us- ing an iconic New York City landmark as the backdrop for a graphic on Saturday night's Baseball Night in America broadcast, calling it poor judgment.

USA Today

Tory MP says ‘cowards’ taking precautions in heatwave are ‘snowflakes.’

A Tory MP said 'cowards' taking precautions in heatwave are 'snowflakes.' CRACKED.COM This is not a brave new world but a cow- ardly new world, John Hayes said, where we live in a country where we are frightened of the heat.


Dating ads offering chance to meet 'lonely' Ukrainian women banned for being offensive.

A dating site ad offering a chance to meet lonely Ukrainian women was banned. CRACKED.COM The Advertising Standards Authority said they con- nected the women's vul- nerability to their sex ар- peal and caused serious offense. Next you'll tell us that there aren't actually lonely MILFS in our area.


ERCOT CEO says he did not expect it to be as hot as it is.

The organization that operates Texas's electrical grid did not expect it to be as hot as it is. CRACKED.COM ERCOT says there haven't been too many outages because they've requested individuals conserve ener- gy. Big companies that use the most power are not be- ing forced to conserve power, however.


Matt Gaetz Opposes Active Shooter Alert System That Will “Bombard Your Phone 24 Hours A Day.”

Matt Gaetz opposes an active shooter alert system because there are so many active shooters. CRACKED.COM Representative Gaetz says that the alert system would bombard your phone 24 hours a day, which is definitely not the same issue most have with the constant terror of gun violence in the states.

Hill Reporter

BMW Makes Heated Seats an $18/Month Subscription Service – Again.

BMW made heated seats a subscription service. M M BMW CRACKED.COM The seats all come with the hardware already installed, but an $18 a month service is required to make use of the convenience. Turn sig- nals may be included, but no BMW driver has tested it.

The Drive

New study rates Texas as 2nd worst state to live in the country, 5th best for business.

Texas ranked the 5th best state for business, but the 2nd worst to actually live in. GRAGKED.COM Workers are flocking to Texas, and then are shocked to find a state with limited childcare options, a stressed health care sys- tem, and few protections against discrimination.


49% Of Japanese Companies Have An "Old Man Who Does Nothing."

A survey found that 49% of Japanese companies have an old man that does nothing. GRAGKED CON When young employees at 300 companies were asked if there was anyone older who always sat around do- ing nothing, about half of them said that there was. In America, this is called a CEO.

Japan Insides

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