15 Now-You-Know Facts To Add To Our Inventory

15 Now-You-Know Facts To Add To Our Inventory

In the beginning, there were no facts. There were just things and stuff that happened. Then humans thought, ‘hey, why don’t we make a list of interesting facts?' And lo, the first list was written. The list was quite small and consisted of only three items: 1. There are four times as many stars in the universe as there are grains of sand on all the beaches in the world. 2. The largest living organism is a 5,000 year-old giant fungus. 3. A whale's unit is 10 feet long and has 30,000 helices per inch. As time passed, the list grew, but it wasn't until humans figured out that they could write down these facts and pass them from generation to generation that the true purpose of facts was realized. It is now known that if you have a fact in your head and then write it down, you can make a new list of interesting facts! It is also known that the items on that first list were 100% nonsense.

Slavery was ended in Haiti thanks to Yellow Fever.

Yellow fever helped end slavery in Haiti. GRACKED.COM An epidemic broke out during the Haitian Revolu- tion, killing two-thirds of the French army. It killed almost none of the slaves. France was therefore forced to sur- render the island.


Detroit Red Wings fans throw octopuses onto the ice.

Detroit Red Wings fans throw octopuses onto the ice. Gas hrüst RBK TANLE EMER. m IO P 99 MOSTROM SHAWAH 3 14 F 34 14 5 STON 44 EA NTON GIC GRACKED.COM The Legend Of The Ос- topus is a sports tradi- tion during Detroit Red Wings games. In 1995, fans threw 35 octopuses including a specimen weighing 38 lbs.


A father from Virginia claimed an uninhabited bit of Sudan for his seven-year-old.

A Virginian man planted a flag near Egypt so his daughter could be a princess. CRACKED.COM The flag was placed in Bir Tawil, a 2,060 square km swath of land between Egypt and Sudan that is the last habitable land on earth that is not taken or claimed by any government.

The Guardian

Hotels purposefully overbook their rooms by 15%.

Large hotel chains purposely overbook rooms by up to 15%. CRACKED.COM The no-show rate at hotels is between 5% and 15%. When guests don't get rooms at the booked hotel, they end up at a nearby branch, with a room of similar value, which is called walking a guest.


The Burger King menu had a unique item in Miami: corpses.

A fast food freezer was used to hold dead bodies during a Miami crime wave. BURGER BURGER KING KING TM Karl Johans gate - - - BE N-12 FLAVA FLAVA BURGER KING Murder rates in Miami were so high during the 1970s and 1980s that the Dade County Medical Examiner's Office had to rent a refrig- erated trailer from Burger King to handle the over- flow of corpses.


Chekov’s character on Star Trek was modeled after Davy Jones.

Chekov was added to Star Trek to attract young viewers. CRACKED.COM Pavel Chekov did not ар- pear on 'Star Trek' until the first episode of the second season. The character was created to attract young viewers by resembling Davy Jones of The Monkees.


Some countries did not air Israel winning the 1978 Eurovision Song Contest.

Arabic countries stopped broadcasting the 1978 Eurovision Song Contest before Israel could win. CRACKED.COM Jordan replaced the live broadcast with a picture of daffodils and later announced that Belgium, the sec- ond place finalist, had won.


An illegal dumping of iron sulfate was the world’s most significant geoengineering project.

A private company illegally dumped 100 tons of iron sulfate off the coast of Canada. GRACKED.COM This was to promote the growth of plankton capa- ble of absorbing car- bon-dioxide from the air. It is the world's most sig- nificant geoengineering project to date.


Some birds of prey can see bands of UV light that other animals cannot.

Some birds of prey can see bands of UV light that other animals cannot. CRACKED.COM Because mouse and rat urine reflects UV light, birds have been ob- served following trails of rodents pee like a glow in the dark path to their prey.


A woman was drafted in the NBA but declined because she was pregnant.

The New Orleans Jazz drafted the first only woman in the NBA. GRACKED.COM During the 1977 NBA Draft, Lusia Harris was selected by the Jazz, but she was pregnant at the time and de- clined to attend train- ing camp.


We vote on Tuesdays in the US because of how long it took farmers to travel.

Voting in the US is done on Tuesdays because it took farmers a long time to travel in the 1800s. GRACKED.COM It could take rural farmers up to a day of traveling to get to a voting station. Wednesday was typically market day and Sunday was the Biblical Sabbath, so Tuesday was chosen to allow ample travel time.

Seattle Times

Grapefruit can lead to drug overdosing.

Eating grapefruit while taking medication can lead to an overdose. CRACKED.COM One whole grapefruit, or a small glass of grapefruit juice, can cause drug over- dose toxicity. Even fruit consumed three days be- fore the medicine can still have an effect.


Harambe wasn’t the only famous gorilla in 2016.

A gorilla named Shabani gained the attention of flocks of screaming women in 2016. CRACKED.COM The male gorilla was seen as extremely handsome and manly by women around the world, who showed up at his Japanese zoo. The staff had to put up signs telling the women to stop yelling, as it made him uncomfortable.

ZME Science

The ‘Dumb & Dumber’ sequel was made with money stolen from the Malaysian government.

'Dumb & Dumber To' was funded using money stolen from a Malaysian government investment fund. CRACKED.COM Corrupt officials and finan- ciers stole $4.5 billion from 1Malaysia Development Ber- had between 2009 and 2015, laundering the money through a series of shell companies with bank ac- counts in the US and abroad.


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