25 News Headlines To Keep Us All Informed

The teens are getting thrown out of the ‘Minions’ movie for wearing suits and getting too rowdy.
25 News Headlines To Keep Us All Informed

As a young child I enjoyed a list of interesting facts. When I grew up I learned that some of them are not facts at all. And yet, the more I read and study and research and look for answers in books, the more I realize there are even stranger things in this world that I am missing out on. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. It is an endless cycle of new information that makes me feel like my mind is never going to be big enough for all the things I want to know. The more I read, the more I realize that there are facts which I can't find in books. I need to see things and do things for myself. I need to travel, see the world, make my own discoveries. This book is a collection of facts that I have found along my journey and hope that it will be as fascinating as the one I first discovered as a child. So enjoy this list of interesting facts, but also enjoy the story of how it got here. And please share your interesting facts and stories in the comments below.

Pregnant Texas woman driving in HOV lane told police her unborn child counted as a passenger.

A pregnant woman in Texas is arguing she can use the HOV lane since her unborn child counts as a passenger. EXPRESS LANES MINIMUM TOLL S 9.50 TO 56 2 0.50 8 MINS TO 0.90 MINS CRACKED.COM Brandy Bottone of Plano says she received a cita- tion for driving alone in the two-or-more occupant lane after arguing her fetus should be considered a person. You can't have it both ways, Texas.


Right-Wing Truckers’ Leader Gets Arrested While Protesting Non-Existent COVID Mandates in D.C.

A trucker was arrested protesting the non-existent COVID restrictions in D.C. GRACKED.COM The leader of the right-wing and anti-vax 1776 Resto- ration Movement was ar- rested near the National Mall after his group came to town protesting non-exis- tent mandates, due to an outstanding warrant.

The Daily Beast

Methed-Up Poacher Shoots Friend While Coyote Hunting.

A Pennsylvania hunter high on meth shot his friend while coyote hunting. GRAGKED.COM Michael М. Walnock shot his friend after taking meth for at least three days as a stimulant so he could stay up to hunt соу- otes at night.

The Meat Eater

"Them's the breaks", Boris Johnson says as he sets out to exit.

Boris Johnson says Them's the breaks in response to exiting as Prime Minister. CRACKED.COM The British Prime Minister said he was sad to be leaving the best job in the world in a resignation statement on Thursday, and added: Them's the breaks. Yeah, Boris, I guess it really do be like that sometimes.


Putin's aide threatens to 'claim back' Alaska in response to US sanctions.

Putin's aide threatened to claim back Alaska in response to sanctions from the US. CRACKED.COM A top Kremlin official warned the US that it could face the wrath of God if it pursues efforts to help establish an international tribunal to investigate Rus- sia's action in Ukraine.

Alaska Public

An Emirates plane flew for 14 hours with a large hole in its side.

An Emirates plane flew from Dubai to Brisbane with a giant hole in its side. EXPO Emirates - COM الإمارات CRACKED.COM The airline says the hole was created when one of the Airbus A380's 22 tires burst shortly after take off. No passengers were in- jured, and flight EK430 was able to complete its 14 hour journey as planned.


Police looking to identify Puslinch, Ont. man who paved driveway without permission.

A pushy salesman started paving a homeowner's driveway without permission to get them to pay. CRACKED.COM Tammie Corrigan told the salesman she would call if she was interested in his services, but came home the next day to find work- ers already in the process of paving her driveway.

CTV News

Giant Parasite-Carrying, Concrete-Eating Snails Trigger Florida Quarantine.

The giant African land snail invasion is forcing a quarantine in Florida. CRACKED.COM The US Department of Ag- riculture describes the snail as one of the most invasive pests on the plan- et, causing agricultural and environmental damage wherever it is found.


Casual sex blamed for population drain in Spanish regions.

The 31-year-old deputy president of a Spanish community is coming out against casual sex. CRACKED.COM García-Gallardo says that people are freeing them- selves from the chains of family and marriage to dedicate their existence to satisfying their sexual de- sires. Sounds great, what's the downside?

The Times UK

Mentally ill man believed killing his landlord and eating his heart would end evil in the world.

An Italian national believed he was God and killed his landlord, and ate his liver. CRACKED.COM Saverio Bellante, a diag- nosed schizophrenic, be- lieved he was God and on a special mission against the forces of evil in the world that only killing his landlord could end.


Morton’s condemns abortion rights protesters for disrupting Kavanaugh’s freedom to ‘eat dinner.’

Brett Kavanaugh was forced to flee a steakhouse before dessert thanks to protesters. CRACKED.COM Politics, says Morton's Steakhouse, regardless of your side or views, should not trample the freedom at play of the right to congre- gate and eat dinner. Fun- ny, we don't see that in the Constitution.

The Hill

James Cleverly is third education secretary in two days.

The third Secretary of State for Education in the UK has been appointed in two days. CRACKED.COM James Cleverly's appoint- ment follows the resigna- tion of Michelle Donelan, who lasted just 35 hours in the role she took over from her predecessor, Robin Walker.

Schools Week

Pringles wants a spider named after it.

Pringles wants their name on a spider that bears a resemblance to their mustachioed mascot. CRACKED.COM The Kellogg-owned brand is petitioning the arachnid commu- nity to recognize the little-known Kidney Garden spider as the Pringles Spider.


Egyptian Authorities arrest organizers of 'Helwan Real Batman Battle.’

Authorities arrested the organizers of a battle to determine the real Batman. CRACKED.COM The arrested suspects are behind an invitation to wear a disguise and gather on August 13 in front of the metro station in Helwan, Egypt for a fight to decide who was the real Bat- man.

Egypt Independent

Drawing Of A Penis That Can Be Seen From Space Is Gigantic Proof That Humanity Won’t Change.

A penis that can be seen from space has appeared in Australia. CRACKED.COM in Bellarine, a remote area of the state of Victoria, a very sizable phallic draw- ing has apparently sur- faced in the dry lake bed. Google Maps has identified it and named it the Aussie Weiner.

Hasan Jasim

Pest controller called to 'rat infestation' finds single rubber mouse.

A pest controller in England called in for a rat infestation found only a single rubber mouse. GRACKED COM When he arrived at the house, the residents said they had spotted a mouse in the cupboard that was either dead or in stealth mode. The toy mouse was removed without incident.


A burglar in Thailand stole a hundred mobile phones in his underwear and gave them out to the homeless.

A modern day Robin Hood in Thailand is stealing phones in his underwear. NOGA CRACKED.COM Jeh-isma-ae Hama stole over a hundred phones from Banana IT to give away to the homeless, all while in nothing but his un- dies, because they made him feel confident.

Bangkok Post

Microplastics in milk and meat from Dutch cows, pigs.

Batches of animal feed are being processed with the plastic packaging still on. CRACKED.COM A small study in the Nether- lands discovered meat and milk from Dutch COWS and pigs contain microplastics. Tiny amounts of plastic were found in the blood of pigs and cows, as well.

NL Times

Lifeguard Gets Attacked By Shark While Teaching Shark Safety.

A lifeguard teaching shark safety was attacked by a shark. CRACKED.COM An unidentified life- guard was pretending to be a shark attack victim during a training exer- cise, when a real shark swam up and bit his chest and hand.


Montreal woman's curly hair searched at airports 3 times since May.

A Canadian woman's curly hair was subjected to multiple airport security searches. CRACKED.COM Christine Rodriguez has had her hair searched by airport security agents three times in less than two months. Even when she undid her ponytail, agents said they would have to check her hair with their own hands.


Hong Kong leader John Lee spent $1.1m on election campaign in which he was sole candidate.

The sole election candidate in Hong Kong spent $1.1 million on their campaign. CRACKED.COM John Lee spent the money, gathered from donations during his campaign, on ad- vertisements, gatherings, office rent and transporta- tion for a race in which he was the only one running.

The Guardian

Cinemas ban teens in suits after Minions mayhem.

TikTok teens are getting thrown out of the 'Minions' movie for rowdy behavior in formal wear. CRACKED.COM Teenagers following the #gentleminions trend have been accused of dressing up in suits, making noise and throwing things in large gatherings during screenings of 'Minions: The Rise of Gru.'


Man doesn't believe that a family died of heat exhaustion, attempts to investigate and almost dies.

A man almost died of heat exhaustion trying to prove a family did not die of heat exhaustion. GRACKED.COM After a family's tragic death on a California trail was determined to be the result of heat exhaustion, one man decided to put that theory to the test... and had to be rescued be- fore he met the same fate.


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