Stanley Kubrick was a maniac. His perfectionism contributed to make of later filmmaking torture, and his attention to detail set the stage for our current Easter egg culture. Plus, his trash has served as a gift for the Monarchy to thank them for, erm, not doing any work? So that’s cool. But the point is: Kubrick was a borderline abusive maniac, as we’ve probably discussed every time we’ve obsessed over The Shining – which is a lot, we mean, have you seen The Shining? Of course you have. We have high standards of acceptance here at Cracked. Also, here, have another link. Kubrick was a maniac, and for better or worse, this resulted in a filmography pretty much made up of timeless masterpieces.

Seriously, we all like to pretend we’re movie buffs and we were born with obscure trivia imprinted in our minds, but we can still remember the time our tween self realized one guy was behind A Clockwork Orange, 2001, and The Shining. That is insane. Thus, in this Pictofact we’ve turned to some Kubrick masterpieces (and again, almost all of his movies are masterpieces) in order to bring you some fascinating behind-the-scenes facts. Plus, we’ve included some lesser-discussed movies of his, like the '50s romp Zombie Bikini Pizza Party 2: Dr. Pizza’s Revenge. No, wait, come to think of it, we omitted Dr. Pizza’s Revenge for lack of space. But you can totally trust us when we tell you he directed a movie with that name. After all, are we ever wrong? We are movie buffs born with obscure trivia imprinted in our minds, you know.

Lost Version

Stanley Kubrick Movies nesc A Clockwork Orange We will never see the original version. The movie was rated X, but Kubrick pulled it from theaters back in 1973. Не then cut the graphic sexual violence, resubmitted it, and it got an R rating. The cut footage was destroyed. CRACKED.COM

Source: Screen Rant

Hedge Maze

Stanley Kubrick Movies The Shining The hedge maze was a set. That wasn't a real hedge maze, and the snow wasn't real snow, but formaldehyde and salt. The mist was done by spraying vegetable oil. CRACKED.COM

Source: The Guardian

R. Lee Ermey

Stanley Kubrick Movies Full Metal Jacket R. Lee Ermey got the job by yelling at Kubrick. Ermey was crankier than usual, as he was recovering from a recent car accident. So when Kubrick dared to turn down his request to play the sergeant himself, Ermey yelled at him to STAND! UP! CRACKED.COM

Sources: Screen Rant, Yahoo

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