20 Off-The-Wall Facts That Jumpstarted Our Camaro

20 Off-The-Wall Facts That Jumpstarted Our Camaro

If I had a penny for every time I heard someone say, ‘Oh, that’s just a fact!' then I'd be able to afford a cup of coffee. Fact is an old-fashioned word, isn't it? It comes from the Latin word faciendum, meaning something which must be done. Facetiously, one of the definitions of fact in the Oxford English Dictionary is ‘something which is to be done.’ And yet there are all these people who enjoy this list of interesting facts, and they say to me, ‘Oh, that’s just a fact!' And I have to say, ‘No it isn’t. It's something which must be done.' The very word fact itself is an interesting one. As a noun it means ‘something which is fixed or certain’. As a verb it means ‘to give firm shape to (something)’. It's a noun which gives us the word ‘facet’ - ‘a polished surface’. Uhhh … on second thought, ignore all that, I'm sure I'll edit it to be actually accurate when I sober up. Anyway, here's that list:

‘The Onion’ was cited in a Chinese publication.

A Chinese publication thought 'The Onion' naming Kim Jong Un as the sexiest man alive was legit. GRACKED.COM Chinese newspaper Peo- ple's Daily cited 'The Onion' naming the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as the sexiest man alive in 2012 without real- izing it was a joke.


Iron rings memorializing a bridge collapse are given to graduating engineers.

Engineers in Canada receive an Iron Ring to remind them of a bridge disaster. CRACKED.COM The collapse of the Quebec Bridge in 1900 and the second collapse 16 years later was due to incorrect calculations involving iron. The ring reminds the wear- er to have humility.


Claw machines are programmed specifically to not work right.

Claw machines are rigged, and the owner can program them to drop a toy after it gets picked up. CRACKED.COM The claw machine is pro- grammed to have a strong grip only part of the time, and the dropping skill can be adjusted so prizes are dropped before mak- ing their way to you.


Bobby Farrell died on the same day as Rasputin - the subject of one his biggest hits.

A member of Boney M. died on the same date and place as Rasputin, which was the subject of their biggest hit. CRACKED.COM Bobby Farrell had com- plained of breathing prob- lems before and after his final show. Не died on the 30th of December in St. Petersburg, the same date and place that Grigori Ras- putin died.


In 2014, an Iraqi man named Mohammed Abu Ali slept through the invasion of his town after it was attacked by militants. He was the only person left behind when the town was evacuated. He woke up, watched a movie and fiddled with his A/C, only noticing the

In 2014, an Iraqi man slept through the invasion of his town after it was attacked by militants. OGENERAL جرال CRACKED.COM Не was the only person left behind when the town was evacuated. Не woke up, watched a movie and fid- dled with his A/C, only no- ticing the takeover that evening. The militants left him alone.


A library at the US/Canadian border can be entered in Vermont and exited in Quebec.

There is a library built on the US/Canadian border. CRACKED COM Exiting the Haskell Free Li- brary and Opera House through the opposite en- trance requires one to re- port to the country's cus- toms thereafter. It also has two addresses; one in Ver- mont, and one in Quebec.

Historic Places 

Futurama had unpredictable time slots because Fox hated it.

Fox purposefully changed Futurama's time slot to confuse viewers. CRACKED.COM According to Matt Groe- ning, FOX was never supportive of Futurama, and the shifting time slots resulted in poor ratings and its cancella- tion in 2003.


Police beat and murdered a Mexican-American veteran instead of bringing him to a hospital.

Police drowned a Vietnam vet instead of taking him to the hospital. POLICE desire S CRACKED.COM Jose Campos Torreswas arrest- ed for disorderly conduct in 1977 and beaten by six cops. His injuries were too severe to be processed in the jail so the offi- cers were ordered to bring him to a hospital. They shoved him into the Buffalo Bayou River.


Before Einstein, it was thought a planet was between Mercury and the Sun.

We used to think there was a planet named Vulcan between Mercury and the Sun. CRACKED COM The orbit of Mercury follows a unique pattern different from other planets which re- mained unexplained until Einstein's theory of bending space-time due to large nearby gravitation.


The Netherlands loaned the US the equivalent of $150 billion.

The Netherlands loaned $2.5 million to John Adams. CRACKED.COM Adams was the ambassa- dor to the Netherlands back in 1782. This was done in order to stabilize the US after their war of in- dependence finished. То- day, that would be a loan of roughly $150 billion.

NL in the USA

There is an award given to couples married for at least 50 years.

The Polish government awards a Medal for Long Marital Life to couples. CRACKED.COM The couples must have been married longer than 50 years with at least one child, either their own or adopted.

Identify Medals 

A soldier lost a hand throwing back a grenade, and still defended his post for hours.

A Gurkha soldier during WW2 lost his right hand while throwing back a grenade from his trench. CRACKED.COM Havildar Lachhiman Gu- rung then single-hand- edly defended his post for over 4 hours against 200 enemy soldiers kill- ing 31 Japanese using only his left hand.


‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’ has been nominated and won a bunch of awards.

The pilot episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog was nominated for an Oscar in 1995. CRACKED.COM Five years later, the show would win an Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Production Design in an Animated Tele- vision Production, and a Golden Reel award a year later for sound editing.


A 23 foot snake killed and ate a man in Indonesia.

The first fully confirmed case of a snake swallowing an adult human happened in 2017. CRACKED.COM 25-year-old Akbar Salubiro was killed and swallowed by a reticulated python in Indone- sia. Villagers started searching when he hadn't returned from working on his palm oil crops, which is where they found the 23 foot snake.

Toronto Sun

The deadliest bombing raid in history happened in Tokyo.

Tokyo suffered a deadlier bombing than Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII. GRACKED.COM Operation Meetinghouse in 1945 was the single deadliest bombing raid in human his- tory. US bombers dropped incendiaries on Tokyo, and killed more than 100,000 people and destroyed 267,171 buildings.


“Tron” earned less in theaters than its arcade game.

The Tron arcade game made more money than the movie did in theaters. CRACKED.COM The arcade game is based on the movie, released the same year. Gameplay con- sists of 4 digital arenas that, when all of which are completed, the player plays again with harder difficulty.

Tron Fandom

Sinatra had girls paid to scream at his early concerts.

Frank Sinatra's publicist paid girls $5 to attend his performances and scream. CRACKED.COM For his early performances, the girls were bought and paid for to get the crowd primed with excitement. It likely wasn't really neces- sary, as Sinatra was a bon- afide teen idol by the 1940s.


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