20 Facts Worth Digging For

20 Facts Worth Digging For

I enjoy this list of interesting facts a great deal. I am very good at memorizing lists. I have a very long memory. I remember everything I see. The first time I saw the sun was on a beach in Bermuda. My father took my sister and me there for our summer holiday. He gave us a choice of beach locations. We could spend the day on a public beach, which we would share with thousands of people from all over the world, or we could choose one that was less popular. The problem with the less popular beach was that it was located behind the high-rise hotel in the center of town. It was too far away from anything, and it was too expensive. However, my father told us that he had booked it for us anyway, and if we didn't like it, then we didn't have to come. But I'm sure you'll like this list, though.

We are halfway through Saturn’s rings’ lifespan.

Saturns' rings are, cosmically speaking, a very brief event. We are about halfway through their 200 million year lifespan and are very lucky as a species to be alive to witness them. Triassic di- nosaurs would have been too early to see the rings through their primitive telescopes. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Working in the heat can make you more aggressive.

Going troppo is an Australian term for being driven mad by heat. A study in Darwin found those who do not work in air-conditioning had high- er levels of negativity, anx- iety, aggression, and alco- hol use, and lower levels of general health. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Pop up ads lead to a teacher being convicted of sex crimes.

A teacher was convicted of sex offenses because of porn pop up ads. RCWORLD GET 15 FREE World's fastest color printer BT for under $1,000 120 5 What's New lietscape 1st ID x THE 10 LY! Quotes Phaser 8400 Mura power مسرية N Netscape What's New M' ... Color Printer iNSWEB Science Proves It Drinking Causes Lower your insurance costs. $999 15 FREE Teen Girls Beware Popular Boys Do THIS Special Offer- Try AOL Freel Hicrosoft Tute - Look What Was Found in Stone Age Cave POWER GUIDES Click Не Strange Space Object Mystery Deepens sich have и lee efore you

Computer World 

115 Greeks escaped being surrounded by 10,000 troops with just 6 casualties.

115 Greeks defended themselves against 10,000 Ottoman troops during the Greek War of Independence. The Greek revolutionaries managed to kill 300 and wound 800 while suffering just 6 casualties. When the Ottomans paused their at- tack to get cannons ready, the Greeks escaped through enemy lines undetected. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The police were never meant to help people.

The LAPD set up Bun Blockades during the Great Depression. The unconstitutional program placed officers at the California state lines to keep migrant workers (Okies) from crossing over to find work or housing. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

LA Times

The ‘Red Hand of Ulster’ sigil may be based on the story of a boat race to determine the next king.

The 'Red Hand of Ulster' sigil. may be based on the story of a boat race to determine the next king. The story goes that a race was held and the winner would be the next king. One potential king saw he was losing so he chopped his own hand off and tossed it to shore, winning the race. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Carnegie Council 

Some Hollywood circles believe in an “Oscar Love Curse.”

The 'Oscar Love Curse' is a strong superstition that is believed to be true in Hollywood circles. According to it, a woman who is awarded the Acade- my Award for Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress is doomed to have her boyfriend or husband cheat on her or divorce her soon after. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Chicago Tribune 

The Retail Credit Company changed their name after congressional hearings.

Equifax changed their name to rehabilitate their public image. 1550 PEACHTREE S FOOMFAX Before 1975, they were known as the Retail Cred- it Company, and sold cus- tomer information to the point where congress had to enact the Fair Credit Reporting Act. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


An English painter got their start by smearing poop on the wall.

English painter Mary Barnes was a schizophrenic who first painted with poop. Barnes's first paintings were done with her own feces on the walls depicting breasts. Her psychiatrist gave her grease crayons which led to Barnes evolving from crayon scribbles, to finger-painting, to oil painting. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Art of Psychiatry 

A Japanese Emperor was a huge Mickey Mouse fan.

Emperor Hirohito of Japan wore a Mickey Mouse watch. Because he was such a fan, Hirohito was given the watch as a gift during his special tour of Disneyland in 1975. For years, even on formal occasions, His Maj- esty was observed wearing the watch. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

All Ears

Randy Rhoads was killed when his tour bus driver crashed their plane.

Randy Rhoads died when his tour bus driver crashed a plane he stole. The legendary guitarist and bus driver buzzed the tour bus during their joyride, in hopes of wak- ing up the band, and clipped the wing of the plane and crashed. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Aircraft One 

Robert Zemeckis will block all attempts at a ‘Back to the Future” remake.

Back to the Future is safe from nostalgia sequels. Director Robert Zemeckis, who has approval over all films in the 'Back to the Future' franchise, says that he will block all attempts to remake or reboot the original film. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The Third Reich was the first to carry the Olympic torch in a relay.

The Nazis are to thank for the Olympic torch relay. GMC TRUCKB the - It was the Third Reich who devised the idea of carrying the Olympic torch through a relay sys- tem, which had no an- cient precedent when it was introduced in 1936. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

NY Times 

The biggest glitter buyer wants to remain anonymous.

There is a glitter conspiracy involving one of the biggest glitter manufacturers in the US. The biggest client of Glit- terex does not want to be named. When a manager was asked if they could name them in a New York Times interview they in- stantly replied, No, I ab- solutely know that I can't. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The Cut

Pizza Hut made an off-world delivery.

Pizza Hut made a delivery to the International Space Station in 2001 as a publicity stunt. Pizza Hut Pizza Hut paid the Russian space agency about $1 mil- lion for footage of a COS- monaut flashing a thumbs-up after eating the pizza, and for pasting the chain's logo on a rocket. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


BPA-free plastics still contain a harmful chemical.

Many BPA-free plastics contain BPS, a similar chemical that can affect cells the same way. bpafree BPS was a favored re- placement to BPA be- cause it was thought to be more resistant to leaching. However, 81% of Americans have BPS in their urine. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Scientific American

Queen’s fan mail went to The Queen.

The Queen of England accidentally received the band Queen's fan mail. After Queen's success with Bohemian Rhapsody, sacks of fan mail poured in from behind the Iron Curtain, addressed to Queen, Lon- don. It was mistakenly de- livered to Buckingham Pal- ace. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Brian May

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