20 Celebrities Who Were Big and Have Fallen: Then vs. Now

Look on their works, ye reader, and shake your head.
20 Celebrities Who Were Big and Have Fallen: Then vs. Now

As we learned from the cinematic masterpiece that was Eternals, if you fly too close to the sun you’re gonna be burned, and, erm, something something fallen celebrities – crap, okay, this metaphor did not work like we thought it would. Whatever, nevermind, new opening: stardom is tricky. You see, celebrities are just like us, except they’re not. They’re exposed to millions of people projecting their own needs and desires for perfection onto them, and sadly those compounded needs and desires will inevitably be disappointed the moment that celebrities' needs and desires come out (not to mention as time passes and the shine of stardom becomes just struggling to get by).

Because, yeah, celebrities are like normal people. And just like it happens with normal people, there are weirdos, harassers, and just highly imperfect (and even criminal) people amongst them. And therefore, when the truth comes out (even predictably), celebrities become icky, if not felons, and they fall into disgrace. Today’s Pictofact focuses on such cases. And in fact, most of the following people had it coming, although there are also cases of untreated mental suffering and/or trauma just acting up. This makes some downfalls more like cautionary tales of the fact that sometimes celebrities get really close to true greatness – but then their sins come out, their success collapses, and they’re left there like, like…. like giant former deities petrified in the middle of the ocean as in Eternals YEAH BABY, OF COURSE WE’D RETURN TO IT, THAT IS CALLED WRITING. Alright, it’s Pictofact time!

Fallen Celebrities Then vs. Now WOODY ALLEN's list of classics is insane. BUT PUBLIC OPINION HAS STRONGLY VEERED AGAINST HIM IN THE LAST FEW YEARS, given allegations of abuse dating from the early '90s. His last two movies were mostly ignored, many performers regret working with him, and he has lost passion for moviemaking. CRACKED.COM

R. Kelly

Fallen Celebrities Then vs. Now R. KELLY was an R&B superstar with a string of worldwide hits. ABUSE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST HIM, THOUGH, GO BACK TO THE '90s. In 2022 he was sentenced to 30 years in jail for running a literal sex ring -which means crimes we won't even mention. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

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