31 Weird Facts About Art For All The Lil Art Freaks

31 Weird Facts About Art For All The Lil Art Freaks

How hard can it be to create a piece of art, really? Grab a blank canvas, throw it on an easel, slap some paint around on it until hopefully it resembles a bowl of fruit or something like that… And if it doesn't look like anything? No big deal, you were simply deconstructing the very idea of art itself, you philistines! Still, there's a reason that we're discussing the work of the artists on this list and not the doodles of you and me-- Good art manages to capture an emotion, a thought, or an intention… And as silly as some of it looks, there's a reason why people are still talking about them. 

Still, not sure how we feel about the many examples of blank canvases even if we understand what they're going for… Stop being lazy and paint some freaking grapes, for crying out loud! You're an artist, aren't you!?

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