25 Newsy Tid Bits That Are A Bit Of A Doozy

25 Newsy Tid Bits That Are A Bit Of A Doozy

This is a list of interesting facts with no purpose other than to entertain. This is not a book, a work of non-fiction, nor a reference guide. It is not meant as an introduction to any field or subject. Nor is it intended to be a self-help manual or a how-to guide. There is no context to any of these facts. They are not arranged chronologically, or by category, or in any other logical manner. They do not have to be read from top to bottom, or in any other specific order. They are all facts about things that you may never have heard of, and they have nothing to do with one another. They are not even meant to be related. If you don't like them, that's too bad. I am not responsible for your feelings or your life. You will have to find something else to enjoy. You could always read a book or watch a movie.

NASA Rover Discovers Human Trash On Mars.

Human trash has been found on Mars. CRACKED.COM NASA's Perseverance Mars rover discovered part of a foil thermal blanket tucked into the rocks, probably blown there by the wind after the rover's landing. This technically makes it robot trash, so we humans don't have to take all the blame.


Feral hogs find and destroy cocaine worth $22,000 hidden in woods.

$22,000 worth of cocaine was found and destroyed by feral hogs. CRACKED COM Police dismantled a smug- gling operation in Tuscany after placing a wiretap on members of a gang, and overheard a person com- plaining about the damage caused by the hogs in the forest the drugs were hidden.


Dog turns on stove and starts house fire.

A dog started a house fire by using the stove. GRAGKED.COM The dog managed to turn on the hob on by pressing its paw against a touch activation button, while trying to reach a pan of grease that had been left on top.


Alberta Sheriffs round up dozens from downtown Calgary mall and force them into jury duty.

Dozens of mall shoppers in Calgary were rounded up for jury duty by an Alberta Sheriff. دبتعافر CRACKED COM The sheriffs were able to is- sue the court summons using what's called the 'talesman procedure,' which hasn't been used in 26 years and means the court ran out of potential jurors.

Calgary City News

Authorities seek owner of 300-pound mystery pig wandering in Tennessee.

Authorities are looking for the owner of a 300 pound pig wandering Tennessee. CRACKED COM The mystery pig was spotted wandering loose and damaging property for days, and no owners have yet come forward to claim the 300-pound animal.


Florida man accused of fraud caught fleeing to Cuba on Jet Ski, officials say.

A Florida man tried fleeing to Cuba on a jet ski after being accused of fraud. CRACKED.COM Nothing says innocent like trying to make a fren- zied, 90 mile trek on an open-air, personal water- craft with a person known to law enforcement as a migrant smuggler.

Click Orlando

Gay Republican group banned from GOP convention.

A gay republican group is surprised they were banned from a GOP convention. VIRGINIA adidas N° AKE AMERICA GREAT CRACKED COM After years spent telling Republicans that LGBTQ rights aren't important and mocking the community, the group was surprised to find out that the Party lis- tened to them.

LGBTQ Nation

Internet Explorer gravestone goes viral in South Korea.

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Covered in blood and screaming, 'Help me,' man runs by police after mailbox flag attack.

A man is in custody after attacking a family member with a mailbox flag. 129 201 201 101 CRACKED.COM When police arrived at the scene, they said they saw a man covered in blood and screaming Help me. The suspect, holding the mail- box flag, was subdued with a stun gun when he did not comply with police.

The National Desk

Montreal residents react to gigantic metal ring installed as new city monument.

A $5 million metal ring was installed as Montreal's new city monument. CRACKED.COM The gigantic, 25 ton curved metal tube is sus- pended between two buildings and was de- signed, says the lead archi- tect, to show the marriage, or union, of the past, pres- ent and future of the city.

CTV News

People Loved It When Thousands Of "Penis Fish" Washed Up On A Californian Beach.

Thousands of 'penis fish' washed up on a California beach. CRACKED.COM The marine spoonworm spends the most of its life bur- rowed in the soft silt of the sea bed, but these 10-inch beauties were somehow dis- turbed from the ocean floor and scattered 2 miles across a west coast beach.


PR agency hires Gen Z cohort and appoints ‘ZEO.’

PR company Edelman hired 100 Gen Z employees to engage the Gen Z consumer. CRACKED.COM The push to understand what moves Gen Z and what loses them is led by the 'ZEO,' gender fluid fashion designer Harris Reed. Is it working, Zoom- ers? Are you buying?

Campaign Asia

Man arrested for stealing sausage rolls killed himself after police labeled him a pedophile.

A man arrested for stealing sausage rolls was labeled a pedophile by police, and killed himself. GRACKED.COM When he was let out of cus- tody, Brian Temple's release papers wrongly stated that he had been suspected of in- citing sexual relations with a 13-year-old girl, which led to him being verbally and physi- cally abused.

The Guardian

Malaysia MP clarifies comments on how floods can be opportunities to promote 'volunteer tourism.’

A Malaysian MP said that floods can be opportunities to promote 'volunteer tourism.' CRACKED.COM Former minister Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said that instead of crying over the flooding situation going beyond control, Malaysia should seek opportunities by promoting volunteer tourism.

Channel News Asia

Pakistanis are urged to drink less tea to help the economy.

People in Pakistan were told to help the economy by drinking less tea. GRACKED.COM The planning minister asked chai drinkers to cut down on their consumption because import costs were draining the country's foreign curren- су reserves. The plan of ac- tion was met with ridicule by many in Pakistan.


Homesick dog escapes pet hotel, returns home while owners on vacation.

A homesick dog escaped the pet hotel it was staying at and returned home. CRACKED.COM A Kansas couple vacation- ing in Las Vegas got a noti- fication from their doorbell camera, and saw their dog, Dexter, had escaped his ac- commodations and was scratching at the door to be let in.

CTV News

Adult Site Stripchat Offers Golfers Free VIP Membership To Turn Down Saudi LIV Golf Series.

Stripchat is offering free VIP memberships to golfers that turn down the Saudi LIV Golf Series. CRACKED.COM The adult website made the ambitious offer to keep golfers from switching sides from the PGA to the breakaway circuit, backed by Saudi money.

The Sports Grail

Church of England clergy not permitted to perform baptisms while wearing only underpants.

The clergy of the Church of England is no longer permitted to perform pantless baptisms. CRACKED.COM To perform a full immer- sion baptism in 2017, Rev. Clive Roger Evans stripped to his shorts, and it was claimed inappropriately touched two women during the service.


Motorcyclist clocked at 144 mph said he was going fast 'because it was hot.'

A motorcyclist claims he was going 144mph because it was hot. RST LXR CRACKED.COM The 22-year-old motorcyclist is facing multiple charges af- ter being clocked going near- ly 150 mph. The motorist said he was driving that fast to cool down on the sweltering hot day.

MPR News

Ryan Grantham, ‘Riverdale,’ ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ actor, plotted to kill Justin Trudeau.

A 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' actor killed his mother, and plotted to kill Justin Trudeau. CRACKED.COM Ryan Grantham pled guilty to second degree murder for the murder of his moth- er. Не had plans to kill the Canadian Prime Minister, but turned himself into po- lice before he made it to his residence.


Chicago police are no longer allowed to chase people on foot just for running away.

Police in Chicago can no longer chase people on foot unless they pose an immediate danger. CRACKED.COM Chicago police officers will no longer be allowed to chase people on foot simply because they run away or give chase over minor offens- es. This comes a year after a foot pursuit led to the death of a 13-year-old boy.

NBC News

Lauren Boebert said Jesus didn’t have enough AR-15s to prevent crucifixion.

Lauren Boebert says that it was Jesus' lack of AR-15s that led to his crucifixion. GRACKED.COM Boebert, at the Charis Chris- tian Center, said that Jesus didn't have enough  to keep his government from killing him. She also said she prayed that Presi- dent Biden's days be few and another take his office.

LGBTQ Nation

Election deniers quiet on fraud claims after primary wins.

A Nevada election denier thinks there hasn't been a legitimate election in a decade, minus his own. CRACKED.COM Despite insisting that all of Nevada's election winners since 2006 were installed by the deep-state cabal, Republican Jim Marchant celebrated his own nomina- tion for Nevada secretary victory as legitimate.

AP News

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