20 Simply Unbelievable Facts That Are 100% True

Skrillex is an effective birth control for insects.
20 Simply Unbelievable Facts That Are 100% True

I enjoy this list of interesting facts because it is a fun way for me to share my knowledge of things I am interested in. But I also like sharing my knowledge with other people because I like teaching. It makes me happy when people know more about what I like than they did before I taught them.I will try not to bore you with details that are not important to the point I am trying to make, or which detract from my message. This will be difficult, as I have an overactive imagination. But I will try.If I can do this, I will save you from the pain I go through whenever I hear people say “I don't know.”If I can't do it, and you learn something new, it will be worth the pain.If you ever see a list like this, and think it is well-written or useful, please share it with others. The more people know about what I know, the better it is for all of us.

Krusty the Clown was supposed to be really Homer.

Krusty the Clown was originally supposed to be Homer Simpson in disguise. presen ôttle El The double life the Но- mer was supposed to live was to ostensibly bring him and Bart, who idolized Krusty, closer, but the idea was dropped. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The last French soldier to die in WWI did so 15 minutes before the armistice.

The last French soldier to die in WWI was killed 15 minutes before the ceasefire. Не was delivering a mes- sage to his unit that soup would be served for lunch. The French Army recorded the date of his death as earlier by one day, out of embarrassment. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Brazil made their own NES.

A Brazilian company made their own NES since Nintendo never released it there. ndo GT SYSTEM The company reversed engi- neered the NES to produce a clone that could play official carts. Nintendo sent them a cease and desist but since they designed their own hardware and Nintendo had no presence in the country, it was legal. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The US received just under 4 bucks from Cameroon during the Depression.

Cameroon sent the US $3.77 in relief during the Great Depression. Melgariga Bes Ngaoundal Mumber Wum Tibati Enugu OUEST Bozoum Bankies Mbokadu Kumbo Ikom Mipingwi Bouse Bamangh Babour Mamfe Garous Boulai Fourdban CENTRAL Морбда Yoko SUD- Baloussam Dschang OUEST QUEST CENTRE ٢ LAIT Bafang AFRICAN Bangagone Mundemba Calabor Sanage Bélabo Kedin Nikocriamba C Bafia REPUBLIC Nanga Eboko Kumba - Batouri Minta Yabassi Bettou Mohacave Berbérati LITTORAL Buta Sanapa Gamboula Boubla Monatilé Yaoundé Abong Mbang Malabo Kada Edéta Eseka E S T Мрардав Milou Argniginga Yokadouma Lube Mipalmayo Nola J Isla de EQUATORIAL Bioko *Lomié Ngoulémakong GUINEA Sanomélima There were so

Digital History

A blind woman was forgotten on a United flight.

A blind woman had to be saved by a maintenance crew after being forgotten on a plane. UNITED United Airlines assured the woman she would be es- corted off the plane after landing, but as she sat in silence she heard the plane's door seal shut, and then just complete si- lence. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


P.T. Barnum was a P(retty) T(errible) person.

P.T. Barnum got his start by buying an enslaved 70-year-old woman. Не claimed the woman, Joice Heth, was 161 years old and had been George Washington's nanny. Af- ter her death, he charged the public 50 cents to view her autopsy. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Lost Museum

The FTC does not encourage regular password changing policies.

The FTC recommends against organizations using regular password changing policies. RADE COM STATES C Having to regularly change passwords only encourages users to use simple, easy to remem- ber passwords that they then only alter in pre- dictable ways. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Drug smugglers built stealth submarines in the Colombian jungle.

Colombian drug smugglers built submarines in the jungle. Capable of transporting $400 million+ worth of drugs, they were nearly undetectable. Prior to 2006 the coastguard called these Bigfoot thinking their existence was only a rumor. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

NY Times

An aristocrat gunned down the Gestapo headquarters to avenge his father.

A Belgian aristocrat flew to Brussels and machine gunned the Gestapo headquarters in WWII. Jean de Selys Longchamps gunned the Gestapo head- quarters after learning that his father had been mur- dered by the Nazis. Не was demoted for insubordina- tion but also awarded a medal for heroism. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

World War II Aces

The first time one Olympic swimmer ever saw an olympic sized pool was at the Olympics.

An Olympic swimmer had never seen an olympic sized pool before competing. MON SU IDMANI SARAYI Eric Moussambani record- ed the slowest time in 100m freestyle history, but won his heat as all other competitors false started. Не is now the head swim- ming coach of Equatorial Guinea. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Skrillex is an effective mood killer for bugs.

A Skrillex song was found to be an effective mosquito mood killer. Will BEST GLOBAL CLUB THE THE BEST GLOBAL CLUB esia amne esia amne IBIZI BAL CLUB IBIZA LOBAL CLUB amnesia a amnesia HE BEST GLOBAL CLUB THE BEST GLOBAL CLUB esia amn на amne IBIZA LOBAL CLUB IBI The low-frequency vibra- tions of the song Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites were observed as a mosqui- to repellent, and mosqui- toes exposed to the song had sex far less often than those without music. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Most French wine grapes were grown from Missouri stock.

Nearly all French wine grapes are grown on vines grafted to rootstock from Missouri. In the 1860s, phylloxera bugs threatened to destroy the vineyards, but roots from the US were resistant. Hundreds of thousands were shipped in and used to save the French vines. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Feast Magazine

A man with dyslexia has so far earned 14 college degrees.

One of the most credentialed perpetual students in human history has dyslexia. Benjamin Bolger dropped out of Yale Law School when he was unable to compensate for his dyslex- ia, but enrolled in Oxford after receiving additional training. Не has since ac- quired 14 degrees. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

William & Mary

Canadian locals keep their cars unlocked in case a polar bear is chasing someone.

Churchill, Canada residents keep their car doors unlocked. Locals keep their cars accessible in order to provide other resi- dents a quick escape, should they encounter a polar bear. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Toronto Sun

Car masturbator and professional catcher walks up to the plate to “Beat It.”

Toronto Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire was caught masturbating in his car. After the incident, the or- ganist at an away game against the Braves played the opening riff to Beat It by Michael Jackson as McGuire walked up to the plate. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


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