20 Trivia Tours Straight From The Map Of Knowledge

Disney park guests just couldn’t resist pinching Tarzan’s butt.
20 Trivia Tours Straight From The Map Of Knowledge

“Hey, Tom,” says a friend, “I've got a joke for you.” “I'm listening.” “There once was a man who had an egg which would not hatch. The man gave the egg to a chicken, who laid another egg that hatched, and from that egg came a chicken that laid another egg that hatched, and from that egg came a chicken that laid another egg that hatched, and from that egg came a chicken that laid another egg that hatched…” “Hey, wait a minute,” I say. “How many eggs are we up to?” “Seven.” “I mean how many chickens are we up to?” “Uh…three?” “What's the punch line?”"I don't know.""So how do you know it's a good joke?""I don't. I guess you just enjoy this list of interesting facts and hope it makes you laugh."The punch line of this joke is: The original chicken and the original egg are still out there somewhere, but we don't know where they are.

Jerry Lewis won a technical achievement in the ‘60s.

Jerry Lewis received the Golden Light Technical Achievement award for his work on 1960's The Bellboy. CRACKED.COM Jerry Lewis was an actor and the director, so he in- vented a system of multi- ple cameras and monitors enabling him to act, review the performance, and re- shoot immediately.

OC Register

‘Very bad weather’ made “Twister” not suitable for kids under 13.

The 1996 movie Twister was rated PG-13 for intense depiction of very bad weather. CRACKED.COM Other ratings include: 'The Brady Bunch Movie': Rated PG-13 for racy in- nuendos, and 'Alien Trespass: Rated PG for sci-fi action and brief historical smoking.


A two-man operation became the National Archives.

The National Archives started out as a two man committee to determine which executive papers weren't important. CRACKED.COM The Committee on Dispo- sition of Useless Executive Papers was started in 1889 and its job was to discard papers both members agreed weren't important and report why.

History House

Tarzan and Esmeralda are two Disney characters that some park guests can’t control themselves around.

Disney parks had to pull a few characters out due to horny guests. CRACKED.COM The Tarzan actors, who wore nothing but loin cloths and sometimes airbrushed abs, were constant butt-pinching victims of cheeky female guests. The Esmeralda was also a little too flirtatious for some male guests, so she was pulled.

LA Mag

Thomas Midgley Jr. created leaded gas, and was also kinda dumb.

The General Motors engineer that created leaded fuel would breathe it in to prove its safety. GRACKED.COM Thomas Midgley Jr. discov- ered tetraethyllead, and amid early concerns over leaded gas, he would pour it over his hands and inhale the vapor. Не would later take a leave of absence for lead poisoning.

The Nation

A bank error resulted in a $4.6 million shopping spree by one Australian woman.

An Australian woman went on an 11-month shopping spree after discovering she had an unlimited bank overdraft. CRACKED.COM She spent $4.6 million buying designer handbags, clothes, jewelry, phones and a vacuum cleaner. The bank discovered the with- drawals and she was ar- rested, but all charges were later dropped.

AU News

When a deaf person has a stroke, they may have the same difficulty signing as a non-deaf person does speaking.

Deaf stroke victims lose their way of communicating the same way non-deaf sufferers do. CRACKED.COM When deaf people experi- ence stroke-related brain damage, they often lose the ability to sign in similar ways to the different forms of lin- guistic aphasia - difficulty speaking, forming words, sentences being nonsensical.


Crowdfunded planes flew in WWII.

Spitfire planes were crowdfunded in some cases in World War II. ZD В MH434 GRACKED.COM Large scale contributors were allowed to give the plane a nickname which was printed on the side. 'Dorothy of Great Britain and Empire' was named by a group of women, all named 'Dorothy.'

Key Aero

People flying in and out of Dublin bring some weird stuff.

A tombstone accidentally left behind in the Dublin airport read you will always be remembered, never forgotten. CRACKED.COM Also left behind at the Dublin airport: a toilet seat and cistern, a life-size mannequin, hu- man ashes, false teeth and a glass eye, and a live turtle.


A duck brained itself on the exterior of a museum, and was borked by another duck for over an hour.

The first case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard happened when a mallard hit the Natural History Museum. CRACKED.COM Nn June 5th 1995, a male mallard collided with a new glass wall at the Natu- ral History Museum in Rot- terdam, died, then was im- mediately copulated by another male mallard for 75 minutes.

Dead Duck Day

Bulls, not cows, make the leather for Bentley interiors.

Bentley uses leather only made from bulls, since they don't get stretch marks like cow leather. GRAGKED.COM The Spanish bulls also yield unblemished hides since they roam free, without barbed-wire enclo- sures like their Ameri- can cousins.

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A one-eyed man was blamed for the birth on a one-eyed pig.

A man was accused of, and executed for, bestiality when a SOW gave birth to a deformed piglet. GRAGKED.COM After the one eyed piglet was born, the town looked to George Spencer, a local man with one glass eye. George was executed in 1642 Connecticut.

Alpha History

Possums faint, they don’t play dead.

Possums don't play dead, they actually pass out when confronted. GRACKED.COM They go into shock and faint when con- fronted, involuntarily. They are in a cataton- ic state until they be- come conscious again.


A cow study gave us false info on the human clitoris.

The 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris may be false, and it comes from a study on cows. CRACKED COM In 1976's The Clitoris, Thomas Lowry wrote that the bovine penises he ex- amined had about 4,035 nerve endings while the clitoris had 7,733. There is no research on the human equivalent.


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