15 Inscrutable Facts For The Better-Than-Average Info Hound

Rocket propelled mail failed, twice.
15 Inscrutable Facts For The Better-Than-Average Info Hound

So, enjoy this list of interesting facts I've assembled here for you. It's not very long, but I do hope it's of some use to you. I was first introduced to the word “absurdist” in a high school English class, but it didn't really click until a few years later when I learned about the absurdist movement in art, music, and literature. Now I understand the meaning, although I don't think I've ever experienced the feeling of it personally. The funny thing is that I have a friend who loves this sort of art, and another who has no idea what it's about. If you asked me to define it, I would struggle to explain, because I've never experienced it myself. I enjoy this list because it's like an absurdist painting. You can't experience it directly, you have to read about it and try to piece together your own understanding of what it might be trying to say. Enjoy.

Flo Rida tests his songs at strip clubs to see if they are dance worthy.

Flo Rida uses strip clubs as a barometer for his songs before they're released. PLO CRACKED.COM Mr. Rida explains: I test my songs out at strip clubs first. If you can get a girl to dance you know you're on to some- thing good.

Digital Spy

Koromo, Japan renamed itself ‘Toyota’ after the car manufacturer.

Toyota, Japan is named after the car manufacturer, not the other way around. Hebt BILLS about WARD GRACKED.COM Koromo, Japan renamed itself Toyota after the company in 1959, be- cause Toyota, which was founded there, had be- come so famous.


A man was saved by John Malkovich after slitting his throat.

John Malkovich saved a man who tripped and slit his throat. CRACKED.COM 77-year-old Jim Walpole fell and cut his neck open on a piece of scaffolding in 2013, and it was none oth- er than Malkovich who ар- plied pressure to the wound, saving his life.

The Guardian

Special candles release an emergency supply of oxygen when burned.

Candles that release oxygen when burned are used as an emergency oxygen supply. CRACKED.COM They supply an on-de- mand source of оху- gen, utilized in air- planes, space stations, and other applications such as safe havens and refuge chambers.


We aren’t saying that we could do this today, but we are saying we absolutely could.

A form of revolt in ancient Rome involved commoners letting the elite fend for themselves. CRACKED COM In Secessio Plebis, when the ruling class of Rome would become too cor- rupt or unjust to the com- moners, the commoners would band together and evacuate the entire city.

History Daily

Teletubbieland had to be destroyed.

Teletubbieland, from the Teletubbie TV show, had to be flooded. CRACKED COM After the TV show ended, the owner of the land used had to dig out the hill and flood the field it was filmed in, due to the amount of people trespassing to see Teletubbieland.


A father started a biotech company when he was told his infant children would die.

A father started a biotech company, with no prior experience, to save the lives of his children. GRAGKED.COM John Crowley was told his two infant children had an incur- able genetic disorder that would kill them in less than a year. Не founded Amicus Ther- apeutics, which pioneered an experimental enzyme therapy that saved their lives.

Pompe Disease News

People died in “safe” areas when Mt. Saint Helens erupted.

Most of the people that died during the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens were in safe areas. GRAGKED.COM Of the 57 people who died during the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens in 1980, all but 6 were in safe areas. 51 people, including an en- tire family, died while in sections for camping and recreation.

LA Times

Manuka honey is a bloody business in New Zealand.

There are turf wars in New Zealand over Manuka honey. CRACKED.COM Due to the cost of the honey going up 20 fold in the last few decades, there are now turf wars with thefts, poisoning of hives and vandalism on the increase.

The Guardian

A book written in the 2nd century AD featured a spaceship and aliens.

The first science fiction book is 1,800 years old, and features a war between aliens of the moon and sun. CRACKED.COM Written in the 2nd century AD, Lucian of Samosata's True Stories parodies his contemporary authors who would write various books filled with superstitions and mythology, but labeled them as true stories.

ZME Science

The biggest thing in the universe is a supermassive black hole.

One of the brightest (and biggest) things in the universe is a black hole. CRACKED COM The mass of the central black hole of Ton 618 is at least 66 billion solar mass- es. This is higher than the mass of all stars in the Milky Way galaxy com- bined, which is 64 billion solar masses.

New Atlas

The invasion of Grenada was so short notice that there were no maps at Fort Bragg.

US soldiers had to rely on copies of The Economist magazine for intelligence during the invasion of Grenada. CRACKED.COM The invasion was ordered on such short notice that many se- nior leaders were relying on ar- ticles copied out of The Econo- mist for the most up-to-date in- telligence on the island, and battle plans were scribed on top of tourist maps.

Military Times

The decrease in body size in animal species is named after ‘Gulliver’s Travels.’

After a major extinction event, the animal species that survive tend to get smaller. CRACKED.COM The decrease in body size in animal species which have survived a major extinction is called the Lilliput effect, de- rived from the island of Lil- liput inhabited by a miniature race of people in 'Gulliver's Travels.'

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