15 Trivia Tidbits For Your Wednesday

15 Trivia Tidbits For Your Wednesday

How does one enjoy this list of interesting facts? It's a simple question with an answer that's much more complex. We know what makes us happy. It's a fairly simple equation: things that make us happy also make others happy, therefore we should do them. That's what we call a moral imperative. And as for the things that make others happy, well, it's the same thing. And the more people who are happy, the happier everyone will be. It's an inescapable chain of cause-and-effect. But there are times when the chain breaks. There are times when we feel happy but we are not doing those things that make others happy. For example, it's impossible to enjoy a nice meal if you're feeling unwell. The meal might be wonderful, but it won't be enjoyable. And it's not just a matter of personal choice. The heart wants what the heart wants. The mind has no choice but to follow. And this is where the list of interesting facts comes in.

After their team lost Two World Cup spectators committed suicide in the stadium.

Two spectators committed suicide at the 1950 FIFA World Cup Final after their team lost. GRACKED.COM The Brazilian fans took their lives, re- portedly like many others in the country, after Brazil lost to Uruguay in an upset.

World Soccer Talk

An electronics company built a secret factory in the London Underground during WWII.

A 2.5mi stretch of a London Underground extension was converted to an electronics factory during WWII. - - - J DO BAKER STRE 90 CRACKED.COM The Plessey defence elec- tronics company built a secret factory in the new- ly constructed Under- ground tunnels after their factory in Ilford in Essex was heavily bombed.

LT Museum

Weird Al's song White & Nerdy is his first and only song to reach the Top 10.

It took Weird Al 30 years into his career to get a song in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. CRACKED.COM Al's first and only (so far) top 10 hit was 2006's 'White And Nerdy, off of Straight Outta Lyn- wood, which peaked at #9 on the Hot 100.


Harvey’s Lake Tahoe casino was held up by bomb wiedling maintenance workers.

Men disguised as maintenance workers rolled a bomb into a casino and demanded $3 million. HARVEYS namans GRACKED COM The men rolled the device covered in cloth labeled IBM to an empty office space on the second story of Harvey's Lake Tahoe ca- sino. The FBI was forced to detonate it after failing to defuse it.

Tahoe Quarterly

Rod Stewart had such terrible stage fright during his first concert in America that he hid behind the amplifiers.

Rod Stewart hid behind his amplifiers during his first concert because of stage fright. GRACKED.COM It took a shot of brandy to get him out. Decades later, he set the record for playing at the largest free rock concert in history, in front of 3.5 million peo- ple.

NBC News

Stephen Spielberg acquired the rights to the Shrek! book, planning to make a 2D animated movie.

Stephen Spielberg acquired the 'Shrek' rights in order to make a movie in the early '90s. CRACKED.COM Spielberg acquired the rights in 1991, planning to make it into a 2D animated movie star- ring Dan Akroyd as Shrek and Chris Rock as Donkey.


Martha Gellhorn was the only woman to land on the Normandy beaches.

The only woman to land on the Normandy beaches got there after hiding in a toilet. CRACKED.COM Martha Gellhorn was a journalist but her request to come along had been denied, so she stowed away in a toilet, and then disguised herself as a stretcher bearer.

Huffington Post

The iconic Einstein-sticking-his-tongue-out photo was his annoyed reaction to paparazzi.

The photo of Einstein sticking his tongue out was due to his frustration with paparazzi. CRACKED.COM It achieved cult status mostly because Ein- stein himself asked for a cropped version, or- dered many prints and proceeded to send them to friends.


The Masai Tribe in Africa donated 14 cows to the United States after 9/11.

The Masai Tribe in Africa donated 14 COWS to the United States after 9/11. CRACKED.COM 14 COWS from Africa were donated to the US after the 9/11 attacks.


Composer Eric Sierra "purposely wrote un-singable things" in the operatic song in ‘The Fifth Element.’

The opera song from 'The Fifth Element' was composed to be impossible to actually sing. CRACKED.COM When opera singer Inva Muls came for the part, she sang 85% of what  thought was tech- nically impossible, the rest being assembled in the studio.


The Yakuza kidnapped the Animal’s manager in Japan.

The Animals broke up after being chased out of Japan by the Yakuza. CRACKED.COM While they toured in Japan in 1968, the band's manag- er was kidnapped by the tour promoters - who hap- pened to be Yakuza. After the manager escaped, the band fled and left all their gear behind.

Rock Fandom

A pink family home in Switzerland is actually a military installation.

A two story family home in the Swiss countryside is actually a military installation. CRACKED COM The Villa Rose is one of twelve fortresses, part of the 'Toblerone' line, that were built to protect Switzerland from invasion during WWII.

Atlas Obscura

Ray Liotta was adopted by an Italian family.

Ray Liotta wasn't actually Italian. CRACKED.COM The actor, best known for his roles as an Ital- ian gangster, is actual- ly of Scottish origin. Не was adopted as an infant by an Italian couple.

The Guardian

Harambe’s gorilla family was cursed.

Most of Harambe's family was killed- by accident. GRACKED.COM Harambe's mother, only full brother, and two of his half siblings were killed when a tub of wet chlorine tablets left by a space heater created toxic fumes that blew into their enclo- sure.


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