Celebrities live in an objectively different world than the rest of us… The money, the amount of people interested in the day to day details of your life, the equally larger amount of people in your orbit saying “yes” to your every move… It's no wonder that famous people often have a messed up relationship with, well, relationships. While some of the examples below are perfectly innocent-- from dopey pick-up lines, to Weird Al's brilliant first date move-- Many more our insane ways to think about sexuality, let alone say out loud where people are definitely listening. 

And that's not even getting into the amount of creepy age differences pervasive in Hollywood. It might be a little difficult to look at some of the celebrities the same way after learning the amount of them that have dated literal, actual teenagers. Yikes, that's gonna be a big “no thanks” from us. 

Weird Al's move is still brilliant, though. 

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