25 Head-Scratching Headlines From The Latest News Cycle

25 Head-Scratching Headlines From The Latest News Cycle

This is the list of the most absurd things in the world. 

This list is a combination of several sources. 

These are some of the more absurd facts from all around the world. The reason that I enjoy this list of interesting facts is because they are so bizarre and yet we have all experienced them at some point. I think that is why they are so entertaining. I have heard some people say that they believe in magic or miracles. I also know of people that do not believe in the supernatural. 

The point is, there are many things in the world that cannot be explained. Here are some things that we may have experienced, but that still seem absurd. There is a country that does not have a national currency. Instead, they have a bartering system. They use copper coins as money and they also enjoy this list of interesting facts.

Twitter users shared an old list of 10 problems that could halt the march of progress in the early 21st century.

Twitter users shared an old list of 10 problems that could halt the march of progress in the early 21st century. CRACKED.COM In 1997, Wired magazine published an eerily prescient list of scenarios that could halt progress in the early 21st cen- tury. The magazine says We're facing 25 years of prosperity... unless New technologies turn out to be a bust; Eu- rope's integration process grinds to a halt; and A social and cultural backlash stops progress dead.


Former police officer arrested outside US Capitol with ammunition, BB gun, fake badge, and body armor.

A former police officer was arrested with a fake badge, body armor, and ammunition outside the Capitol. CRACKED.COM Jerome Felipe presented of- ficers with a fake badge with the words Department of the INTERPOL printed on it, and made a statement that he was a criminal inves- tigator with the agency.


Man Divorced Wife for Cooking Instant Noodles Every Day .

A man in India divorced his wife for making instant noodles for every meal. GRAGKED.COM The man said his wife would buy packets of Mag- gi noodles, a brand of in- stant noodles, and serve them to him for breakfast, lunch, and dinner through- out their marriage.


NYC corrections captain at Rikers dies in Dominican Republic after Brazilian butt lift.

A NYC corrections captain at Rikers died after getting a butt lift. CRACKED.COM The captain died after traveling to the Domini- can Republic to receive a Brazilian butt lift from a phony doctor once indict- ed for operating without a medical license.


Aladdin can’t kill guests in Disneyworld.

There is a rumor that the actor portraying Aladdin in Disney theme parks can kill guests, if necessary. CRACKED.COM The clause, called Aladdin's Exception, comes from a fake snippet of a Disney handbook that goes over park safety, and says that Aladdin can kill only in ex- treme circumstances.


Milwaukee man charged for 6 murders; police discover selfie in basement where victims were found.

A Milwaukee man is being charged for 6 murders thanks to a selfie. CRACKED.COM After arresting Birkley, police say they found a selfie on his phone taken in the basement where the victims were later found.


Sony is left asking itself if it ever truly was “Morbin’ time.”

Sony re-released 'Morbius,' just to have it flop a second time. CRACKED.COM The tongue-in-cheek Mor- bius memes, claiming the movie was a transcendent experience, fooled the movie studio into tossing it back into theaters - mak- ing just $85,000 on Friday, June 3.


'Donkey Kong defense' arises at Bill Cosby trial.

A 'Donkey Kong' defense has come out of the Bill Cosby sex abuse trial. CRACKED.COM Cosby's attorney pressed a key witness over previous statements that she had played the arcade game during a visit with Cosby to the Playboy Mansion in 1975, six years before its release.

AP News

No, Uvalde Shooting Victim’s 2 Fathers Were Not Proof of a ‘False Flag.’

Conspiracy theorists are claiming a Uvalde school shooting victim's two fathers are proof of a false flag. CRACKED.COM According to the theory, the plotters slipped up by having two different actors play the same father of Amerie Jo Garza. In reality, the two men were Gar- za's stepfather and biological fa- ther, each referred to simply as her father in each interview.


Pennsylvania theme park ride strands riders upside-down.

Riders in a Pennsylvania theme park were left suspended upside-down due to a malfunction. ROT ITO PATCH CRACKED.COM Kennywood Park in West Mifflin confirmed the Aero 360 ride malfunctioned and left riders stranded upside-down for a short time. The ride will remain closed while a review is conducted.


A traveler flew to North Carolina with 23 pounds of cocaine hidden in his wheelchair.

23 pounds of cocaine was found in the wheelchair of an airline passenger. CRACKED.COM The passenger arrived Tues- day at Charlotte Douglas In- ternational Airport from the Dominican Republic, with the white gold hidden under the cushions of their motor- ized wheelchair.


Employees at Sonic Drive-In call police to report python in kitchen.

Sonic Drive-In employees called the police over an intruder in their kitchen: a python. CRACKED.COM There are no local trap- pers or resources that would be able to take the snake, so Lt. Matthew Wil- son scooped it up with his bare hands and transport- ed it to a temporary home in a terrarium.


Scientists accidentally turn gene-edited hamsters into hyper aggressive demons in experiment.

Scientists accidentally made mutant hamsters with gene-editing. CRACKED.COM The scientists turned off a receptor responsible for aggression, thinking it would make the Syrian hamsters more peaceful. Instead, they began chas- ing, biting and pinning each other down.

Screenshot Media

Millions of tons of a strange new chemical were discovered in Earth’s atmosphere.

An ultra-reactive chemical in Earth's atmosphere lasts much longer than we previously believed. GRAGKED.COM Millions of tons of flammable hydrotrioxides could linger in the atmosphere for several hours, and because it is a product of common chemical reactions, new amounts of the chemical are being gen- erated almost constantly.


Tickled ink: Virgin Atlantic allows cabin crew to display tattoos.

Virgin Atlantic is finally allowing their flight crew to have visible tattoos. Virgin virgin.atlantic CRACKED.COM Estelle Hollingsworth, Vir- gin Atlantic's chief people officer, said restrictions were being relaxed in line with our focus on inclusion and championing individu- ality.

The Guardian

Someone apparently leaked classified tank schematics to win an online argument.

Classified tank schematics keep getting leaked to win online arguments on the War Thunder forums. CRACKED.COM Documents were uploaded to the War Thunder forums detailing the technical speci- fications of Britain's Chal- lenger 2 tank, presumably in an effort to prove that the game had gotten details wrong about the tank.

Task and Purpose

U.S. tech company proposes Taser-armed drones to stop school shootings.

One company's solution to school shootings? Taser-armed drones. X26 CRACKED COM Taser developer Axon's own technology advisers quickly panned the idea of drones armed with the electric stunning weapons that could fly in schools as a dangerous fantasy.


Mountain lion trapped inside Bay Area high school classroom.

A baby mountain lion caused panic at a California school. GRAGKED.COM The curious kitty entered the school through an open door, and was even- tually detained in a class- room. It has since been taken to Oakland Zoo for treatment.


Police: Drunk driver crashes, heads straight to dealership to try to sell damaged car with missing tire.

A drunk driver tried to sell their badly damaged car at a dealership. RIGHT TURN icion ONLY PREMONT TOYOTA FREMON TOYOTA SERVICE GRACKED.COM The SUV crash into the me- dian caused a flat tire and the car to smoke, but the driver kept going. Не end- ed up at a dealership, su- per drunk and trying to sell the car, which was now missing a tire.


Himalayan salt wall: Restaurant guests are encouraged to lick the walls while dining.

Guests at a restaurant in Arizona are welcome to lick the walls while they dine. CRACKED.COM The walls are made of Himalayan rock salt, which the head chef brought in to add to the overall ambiance and help customers with their tequila shots.


Bees are legally considered fish in California, judge rules.

According to the California Fish and Game Commission, bees are fish. CRACKED.COM The decision comes af- ter a lengthy legal dis- pute to list four spe- cies of bumblebees as endangered under the California Endangered Species Act.


Missing Pet Tortoise Found In Attic 30 Years Later – Still Alive And Well.

Missing Pet Tortoise Found In Attic 30 Years Later-Still Alive And Well. GRACKED.COM Manuela the tortoise had been missing since 1982, and her family assumed the tor- toise had wandered away from home, never to be seen again. She was found in a cluttered attic, in the box of an old wooden speaker.

The Dodo

$5M in ancient art at Dallas Museum of Art destroyed by man "mad at his girl," police say.

A 21-year-old man destroyed $5 million worth of ancient artifacts because he was mad at his girl. materia 201 soap meaning em DE PUS Protein - meanings can CRACKED.COM Dallas police said he evad- ed security guards at the Dallas Museum of Art, smashed glass casings, and destroyed ancient Greek items, at least one of which was from 450 ВС.


Woman approved for affordable housing 29 years after applying.

A Chicago woman finally made it to the top of an affordable housing waiting list, after three decades. FOR WITH IT FORTLE WARD D 1 ОР S STOP s! 4 D Police Crimes DEMAND GRACKED.COM A CIVIL Alderwoman Jeanette Tay- lor said, I first applied for an affordable housing voucher in 1993... Today in 2022 I finally got a letter telling me I made it to the top of the waiting list. I have no words.


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