25 Worldly Headlines For A More Well Rounded Individual

Are you alright, babe? You barely touched your Period Crunch.
25 Worldly Headlines For A More Well Rounded Individual

What if you were told that you had an ability to enjoy this list of interesting facts about the world? That, when you encountered one, you'd have the ability to appreciate its value and, in so doing, add it to your own store of knowledge? 

Would you then go out of your way to find out more about the world? Would you feel inspired to spend more time reading books, listening to the news, talking to other people, looking for more things that you could add to your mental inventory of interesting things? Or would you do what a lot of people seem to do? A lot of people seem to have this odd idea that if they're not having fun, something is wrong. So they look for the fun.

And the fun can be anywhere. The fun can be the sense of freedom, the sense of adventure, or the sense that something has gone right, or that something is going well. The fun can be the feeling of knowing that you enjoy this list of interesting facts about the world.

"Period Crunch" Cereal Wants to Normalize Menstruation Talk at the Breakfast Table.

Uterus-shaped cereal wants to take the stigma away from talking about menstruation. CRACKED.COM Swedish menstrual cup brand Intimina launched Period Crunch, saying, If periods were truly nor- malized then they wouldn't be off this table - or off any table for that matter.

Inside Hook

Two Speed Bumps Placed Too Close To Each Other Send Cars Flying

The placement of two speed bumps is making cars go flying. CRACKED COM Too-close-together speed bumps, in addition to motorists ignoring posted speed limits, is leading to cars taking to the air. The precarious speed-calm- ing measures happen to be right in front of YouTuber 'Speed Bump Olympics' home.


KFC Australia forced to swap lettuce for cabbage

A lettuce shortage in Australia is forcing KFC to substitute in cabbage. CRACKED.COM The firm told custom- ers it is using a mix- ture of lettuce and cabbage after floods destroyed lettuce crops, causing prices to soar.


Hot Dog Stand Owner Claims He Was Snubbed by Neighborhood Sausage Fest.

A hot dog stand owner is calling foul as he is snubbed from Hog Dog Fest that will block off his street. CRACKED.COM How would they have a hot dog festival blocking off our street and not even inform us about it before they went public?, says Bobby Morelli, owner of the Hot Dog Box.

Chicago Eater

Los Angeles removes crosswalks allegedly painted by secretive group.

Los Angeles had to remove crosswalks painted by pedestrian vigilantes. CRACKED.COM The four crosswalks were painted by the secretive group Crosswalk Collective LA., tired of waiting on the city to make what they said are much needed improve- ments for pedestrians.


Republican Congressman Blames Mass Shootings on Women Having Rights.

Missouri representative and Senate candidate Billy Long blames abortions for mass shootings. CRACKED.COM Long said, ...something has happened to our soci- ety and I go back to abor- tion. When we decided it was okay to murder kids in their mother's wombs, life has no value to a lot of these folks.

Vanity Fair

Washington is facing the other way on some coins, people lose their minds.

The religious right is complaining that George Washington has turned his back on God in the new quarter design. CRACKED.COM While some suggest- ed the new quarter re- flects modern society turning its back on God, this design was created in the 1930s.


Slam-dunking guinea pig breaks Guinness World Record

A guinea pig from Sweden broke a Guinness World Record for most slam dunks... by a guinea pig. CRACKED.COM Molly, a guinea pig belong- ing to Hungary resident Emma Muller, dunked a 1.7-inch diameter ball into a tiny hoop four times in the 30-second time period, but has been known to make 8 dunks.


‘Lunchflation’ means the cost of your meal is going up.

A new term for how horrible everything is getting has been added to the lexicon: Lunchflation. CRACKED.COM Economists have come up with the term to describe the effect inflation is hav- ing on the cost of people's mid-day meals. The price of sandwiches are up 15%, and tacos an unfathomable 19%.


An Army vet bodybuilder scammed the VA out of $245,000 while claiming he couldn’t even lift, bro.

An Army vet posted workout selfies while claiming he could barely lift his arms. CRACKED.COM Zachary Barton pleaded guilty to stealing $245,286 in Veter- ans Administration benefits over several years by telling administrators he could barely lift 10 pounds, and going as far as wearing adult diapers and using a cane.

Task and Purpose

A Dead Hamster Just Helped a Man Get Off Death Row.

The tattoo of a beloved pet hamster helped a man get off death row. CRACKED.COM The date of the hamster's death, immortalized on one inmate's finger in Singapore, proved he was the original intended recipi- ent to the 2kg of cannabis given to a man that he met in the pris- on yard, who was serving a death sentence for drug posses- sion.


'Completely unhenged': Stonehenge lights up with portraits of the Queen.

The English Heritage charity lit up Stonehenge with portraits of the Queen for her Platinum Jubilee. CRACKED.COM The charity thought that it was bringing two British icons together in a spell- binding homage, but some say they are making Stonehenge look like a collection of commemora- tive pound shop lighters.


‘Disgusting’ behavior at Canadian police undercover training course sparks inquiry.

Canadian police behavior at an undercover training course is cause for an inquiry. POLIVE CRACKED.COM Officers at a training ses- sion participated in dis- gusting, appalling behav- ior, including penetrating a colleague using a vegeta- ble, defecating on another and exposing genitalia.

The Guardian

This new Rockefeller Plaza artwork changes based on its surroundings

New Rockefeller Plaza artwork changes based on its surroundings-and is also an NFT. CRACKED.COM The work by Turkish-Amer- ican media artist and di- rector Refik Anadol is ac- tually a constantly chang- ing, live NFT-a word that has now lost any meaning it may have once had.


Car tyres produce vastly more particle pollution than exhausts, tests show.

A new test showed that car tires produce more particle pollution than exhaust. CRACKED.COM Nick Molden, at Emissions Analytics, says, Tailpipes are now so clean for pollut- ants that, if you were start- ing out afresh, you wouldn't even bother regu- lating them.

The Guardian 

Elusive creature was feared extinct – then it surfaced in cracks of dark Alabama cave.

A see-through crayfish that only lives in one cave system was found after being thought extinct. CRACKED COM The Shelta Cave Crayfish is one of the rarest crayfishes in the world. It's known from just a single cave sys- tem in Huntsville, Ala- bama. Only two individuals have been observed since 1989.


A drought in Iraq unearthed a lost city.

A drought in Iraq unearthed a lost city. CRACKED.COM The ruins of a 3,400-year-old lost city, complete with a palace and a sprawling fort, have been unearthed in Iraq after ex- treme drought severely de- pleted water levels in the country's largest reservoir.


How Texas boys’ dream trip ended in family massacre at hands of fugitive.

An escaped prisoner massacred a Texas family while on the run. CRACKED.COM Gonzalo Lopez, serving multi- ple life sentences for capital murder, escaped a prison transport bus weeks ago. Lo- pez murdered Mark Collins and his four grandsons before fleeing their ranch and being mortally wounded by police.

The Guardian

Nigerian king visits Calgary in search of investment.

A Nigerian king is looking for an investment... No, really. CRACKED.COM King of Warri, Ogiame Atu- watse III, is visiting Canada looking for economic in- vestment in Warri's energy sector. Maybe he had to make a personal appear- ance after no one respond- ed to his emails.


US Marines honor Pride Month with rainbow bullets, met with backlash.

The U.S. Marine Corps was met with backlash after using rainbow colored bullets in a #Pride tweet. CRACKED.COM The USMC posted an im- age of a combat helmet adorned with colorful bul- lets and a band that says 'proud to serve' on it, in recognition and honor of the contributions of our LGBTQ service members.


Police officer fired after getting “Pure Evil” tattooed on his hands.

A police officer was fired after getting tattoos that say Pure Evil on his hands. USB 020N CITY ELA M.V. MAKOWSKI CRACKED.COM A month before officer Eric Weyda was reas- signed for his tattoo, he was counseled for do- ing a burnout in his per- sonal vehicle in the dis- trict 3 parking lot.


30 animals found dead in animal rescue CEO's home.

30 dead animals were found in the home of an animal rescue CEO. CRACKED.COM The CEO of a non-profit ani- mal rescue called GROWL, Carolina Dawn Pennington, is accused of 30 counts of ill-treatment of animals after 28 dead dogs and two cats were found in cages in her home.


Ohio House Republicans vote to put Canada on a federal watch list.

Canada was put in the crosshairs by Ohio House Republicans. CRACKED.COM The Ohio House passed a resolution that urges the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom to add Canada to a religious freedom watch list.


Texas Gov. excludes gun control from special session on school shootings.

The one thing Greg Abbott won't talk about in a special session on school shootings: gun control. CRACKED.COM The Texas governor has asked state lawmakers in a new letter to find solutions to prevent future school shootings - but gun con- trol isn't among the items mentioned as areas of fo- cus.


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