Tell Us Now: 17 Heart-Wrenching Pixar Moments

What moments can compete with the first 10 minutes of Up?
Tell Us Now: 17 Heart-Wrenching Pixar Moments

If there’s one thing to expect from a Pixar movie, it’s the watershed. We all know to not go into a Pixar film without bringing some tissues, with the only notable exception maybe being Cars. But we’re happy to be proven wrong.

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What moment from a Pixar movie is most heart-wrenching for you?” The clear winner was, as expected, the opening montage from Up, but even within those brief 10 minutes, people had differing opinions on what moment was the saddest. Coco was the clear second-place winner, many people citing the ending as a total tearjerker. However, the answers we found the most interesting were the nonobvious choices and the personal reasons why some moments stuck out to some people, like Finding Dory reminding one reader of their own worry as a parent. 

Brian V. offered a noble joke answer to the saddest Pixar moment of  “when the Pixar Lamp just straight-up murders the letter ‘I’, and assumes its identity. P or X should have said something, done something.”

Up's Opening Montage

... TELL US NOW. OPENING MONTAGE UP Yasmin J. says, Literally the opening montage of Up. There's lots of heart-breaking moments in Pixar movies, but that one was just absolutely soul-crushing- especially because it reminds us that it will happen to us. One partner will outlive the other. It's reality, and it hurts. CRACKED.COM

The End of Onward

... TELL US NOW. THE END OF ONWARD David G. says, I first saw Onward shortly after my father passed. The end where Barley gets one more minute with his dad made me run out of the theater and still always makes me cry. CRACKED.COM

The Lost Child

... TELL US NOW. THE LOST CHILD TOY STORY 4 Nathan S. says, When Woody helps Gabby Gabby comfort the lost child at the fair. I was in the theater with my own then 5-year-old daughter, and I imagined her in that situation and it got me, man. CRACKED.COM

The Incinerator Scene

... TELL US NOW. THE INCINERATOR SCENE TOY STORY 3 SSICC Nacco Nicole P. says, They held hands as family fully prepared to die, together. Gets me every time. Tara T. says, It's just that acceptance of death and destruction that is almost out of place for a movie about walking talking toys. CRACKED.COM

Uku's Near-Death

... TELL US NOW. UKU'S NEAR-DEATH LAVA (SHORT) Ruben C. says this is the saddest Pixar scene because Making him look like IZ (real-life Hawaiian singer who died in 1997) then having him die out just to be saved by love at the last second. CRACKED.COM

Woody's Goodbye to Andy

... TELL US NOW. WOODY'S GOODBYE TOY STORY 3 BANDON Steven В. says the saddest Pixar moment is when Bonnie makes Woody wave goodbye to Andy. CRACKED.COM

22's Disillusion with Life

... TELL US NOW. THE CHARACTER OF 22 SOUL One reader says, I remember Soul for being a total cryfest, but the cake goes to the character of 22, who doesn't want to be born because she doesn't see the point. CRACKED.COM

Jesse's Trauma

... TELL US NOW. JESSE'S TRAUMA TOY STORY 2 PORUTION ONS DONATIONS Alecks H. says, She's abandoned, rarely talks about the experience, and hyperventilates at the prospect of being put back in storage. Pete has to calm her down to get her to return to her usual spot, and he does so in a way that suggests he does it so regularly he's actually developed the best way of doing it. CRACKED.COM

The Ending of Inside Out

... TELL US NOW. THE ENDING OF INSIDE OUT Jeremy H. says, When Joy lets Sadness take over at the end and Riley can finally feel sad about moving, it's a really powerful message that not only is it okay to be sad but fundamental to the healing process. CRACKED.COM

Bob's Confession

... TELL US NOW. BOB'S CONFESSION THE INCREDIBLES Christine P. thinks the saddest Pixar moment is that of Bob telling Helen he's not strong enough in the first Incredibles movie. CRACKED.COM

Ellie's Scrapbook Discovery

... TELL US NOW. WHEN CARL FINDS ELLIE'S SCRAPBOOK UP Colin В. says, The beginning sequence in Up is heart-wrenching by itself, but it's many times more powerful only later in the movie when Carl finds Ellie's scrapbook and learns that even AFTER the bad things that had happened to them, it was still the most wonderful life for her...THAT's heart-wrenching. CRACKED.COM

Dory's Parents' Concern

... TELL US NOW. FLASHBACKS FINDING DORY Crystal R. says, The first time my husband and I watched Finding Dory, we had to turn it off during the flashback scene where little Dory heard her crying parents fearing for her future. As the parents of a beautiful nonverbal autistic child, it was just too d**n real for us. CRACKED.COM

Fertility Issues

... TELL US NOW. FERTILITY ISSUES UP 281 1-310 Your Ryan В. points out a particular moment in the Up opening montage, saying It will always be the camera pan at the doctor's office in the opening to Up. I have never seen so many adults openly weep at a movie theater. CRACKED.COM

Dug's Love Confession

... TELL US NOW. DUG'S LOVE UP Hugh F. says, Everything in Up is heart-wrenching but the moment that got me was when Dug told Carl that he loved him. I broke down. CRACKED.COM

Miguel's Song to Mama Coco

... TELL US NOW. WHEN MIGUEL SINGS TO MAMÁ COCO COCO Joe M. says the scene, hit me even harder when I lost my Grandma. Harry M. says, It was absolutely heart-breaking to watch & I cried my eyes out in the cinema. I can't bring myself to rewatch Coco, as amazing a film as it was. CRACKED.COM

King Fergus' Anguish

... TELL US NOW. KING FERGUS' ANGUISH BRAVE Kit D. says the saddest moment is when King Fergus gearing up to murder his own wife, because he doesn't realisz it's her in front of him. When he cries out her name after thinking she's been killed, he's out for blood. CRACKED.COM

Bing Bong's Sacrifice

... TELL US NOW. BING BONG'S SACRIFICE INSIDE OUT James А. says, I would have been ok when I saw it in the theater, but in the silence of the audience, I heard a little kid ask their parent: 'Where did he go?''' CRACKED.COM


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