20 Now-You-Know Facts Simply Too Good To Stay Hidden

20 Now-You-Know Facts Simply Too Good To Stay Hidden

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, nor is it meant to be definitive. The idea for the list was conceived by my wife and myself over drinks at a friend's house. We enjoy this list of odd facts, so we decided that it would be a fun way to entertain people when having drinks. I took some time to do research on the Internet to find out what sorts of strange facts there are about the world. The result was this list of over 500 odd facts, which was put together in the form of a comedy routine. The first few lists of odd facts were performed at a local comedy club, and received very good feedback from the crowd. 

This encouraged me to write a full-length book based on the list. It is titled, “500 Facts That Don't Make Sense,” and is available in print, and e-book format. The book includes some of my favorite facts from the list as well as some new ones. 

Scientists measured a temperature of 3.6 billion degrees on Earth.

The highest recorded temperature on Earth was 3.6 billion degrees Fahrenheit. °C °F 50 120 40 100 30 80 20 60 10 CRACKED.COM 40 0 Researchers at Sandia Na- tional Laboratories pro- duced the record-break- ing temperature in their lab using a superheated gas, reaching 15 million degrees kelvin.

Live Science

Moonshiners wore special shoes to make their footprints look like hooves.

Moonshiners used cow shoes during prohibition. CRACKED COM The distillers wore shoes with wooden blocks at- tached to the bottom that made their footprints re- semble a cow's, so that no one would think to follow the trail to their illegal ор- eration.


Water may predate the solar system.

The water we drink may be older than the solar system. GRACKED.COM Water on our planet may have originated from ice specks floating in a cosmic cloud 4.6 billion years ago, making the same water we drink millions of years old- er than the solar system it- self.

NY Times

The black sapote fruit tastes like pudding.

There is a fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding. CRACKED.COM Native to Central and South America, black sapote tastes like sweet custard with a hint of chocolate. When it's ripe, it's de- scribed as tasting exactly like chocolate pudding.

The Guardian

There was a Tinder match in Antarctica.

There was a successful Tinder match in Antarctica in 2014. GRACKED.COM A man working at Antarctica's McMur- do Station matched with a woman camp- ing a 45-minute heli- copter ride away.

The Cut

New York was renamed New Orange for a year.

New York was briefly named New Orange. WINNER - un 4 i M BEST - Helped inju MUSICAL ... opponent W BILLY! SPORTSMANSH TOM Don DO WHERE ЕЦИЛЬ Health FL - MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE LIVES an odait maxell MANNI MILK - CRACKED.COM a M When the Dutch cap- tured New York from the English in 1673, they renamed it New Orange in honor of William III of Orange.


Stop signs were yellow until 1954.

Stop signs used to be yellow. STOP CRACKED.COM The American Association of State Highway Officials picked the color in 1922 because they thought it would grab drivers' atten- tion, and there wasn't a long-lasting red dye to use until 1954.

Business Insdier

Viking men used makeup to appear more beautiful.

Viking men wore makeup. CRACKED.COM A Spanish Arab who vis- ited Hedeby around the year 1000 described how both men and women in the town wore make-up to look young- er and more attractive.


A jockey died during a race, and still won.

A jockey once won a race after he had died. CRACKED.COM Frank Hayes suffered a heart attack in the middle of the race in 1923, but still managed to cross first at Belmont Park in New York. It's almost as if the horse does all the work.


Neil Armstrong once threatened to sue his barber for selling his hair.

Neil Armstrong once threatened to sue his barber for selling his hair. GRACKED.COM The barber earned an es- timated $3,000 from the famous hair, and in 2016, both the hair and the bar- ber's comb and scissors went on sale on Amazon for $38,611.

NBC News

Livers regenerate.

The human liver can regenerate. GRACKED.COM Within a week after par- tial hepatectomy (the surgical removal of two-thirds of the liver), hepatic mass is back es- sentially to what it was prior to surgery.


Kit Kats are filled with Kit Kats.

Imperfect Kit Kat bars are made into Kit Kat filling. CRACKED.COM The defective candy bars, that don't meet standards thanks to air bubbles or weirdly shaped wafers, are ground up and turned into a paste that is incorporat- ed back into the produc- tion process.


A pre-teen won Bronze at the Olympcis.

The youngest Olympian was 10 years old. CRACKED.COM According to Olympic records, Greek gym- nast Dimitrios Loun- dras finished third at the 1896 Olympic Games when he was 10 years old.


One museum is just for inventions that didn’t take off.

There is a museum just for failed inventions. CRACKED.COM The touring Museum of Failure features an interna- tional collection of more than 100 innovation fail- ures, such as Harley-David- son perfume, Colgate beef lasagna, and Google Glass.

Museum of Failure

The first song is 3,400 years old.

The first melody dates back to the 14th century В.С. GRACKED.COM Hurrian Hymn No. 6 was inscribed in cunei- form on clay tablets, which were excavated from the ancient city of Ugarit (in today's Syria).


The first draft of BttF had a fridge instead of a DeLorean.

The time machine in Back To The Future was going to be a fridge. CRACKED.COM The time machine/refriger- ator was taken to the Ne- vada desert test site for the atomic bomb...and driven into the atomic ex- plosion in order to harness the power from the nuclear explosion.

Slash Flim

6 mph is the jogging cutoff.

Jogging becomes running after 6 mph. CRACKED.COM According to condition- ing coach Mike Antonia- des, jogging means moving at speeds less than 6 mph. Any faster than that, and it's tech- nically running.

Live Healthy

Between 6 and 8 weeks is when a puppy is cutest.

Dogs are cutest between six and eight weeks old. CRACKED.COM A 2018 study from Arizona State University compar- ing how people viewed the cuteness of dogs found that the highest ratings were between these ages, depending on the breed.


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