15 Tantalizing Facts For The Secret Trivia Hound In Us All

Belgium used cats as mail carriers… briefly.
15 Tantalizing Facts For The Secret Trivia Hound In Us All

In this introduction to a list of facts, I will take you on a journey through the absurd, using the framework of an extremely long, boring and predictable story that will take you from the very beginning of existence to the end of time. You may enjoy this list of odd facts if you find it interesting or funny. Or if you find the story boring. 

But even if you don't, please do read the first and last sentences of this introduction before continuing with the list. If you read these first two sentences, you will have saved yourself an hour of your time and a lot of pain. If you think that these facts are absurd, you are right. They are. But I am not the one who wrote them down. And I didn't write them down in order to prove a point. I just enjoy this list of odd facts. It's a waste of time. But it's also a great waste of time, and sometimes you need a good waste of time once in a while. So here it is.

There are millions of working parts to the human eye.

Human eyes have over two million working parts. CRACKED.COM They also have seven million cones, which are what allow us to see both color and de- tail. 100 million cells, or rods, allow us to see in the dark.


A man got the hiccups in 1922 and they didn’t stop until the invention of the World Wide Web.

The longest attack of hiccups lasted 68 years. CRACKED.COM Charles Osborne fell while attempting to butcher a 350-pound hog in 1922, bursting a blood vessel in his brain. His bout of hic- cups finally stopped in 1990, the year before he died at 97.

NY Daily News

A Walt Disney World water park attracts as many people as the population of Houston.

Typhoon Lagoon at Walt Disney World is visited by as many people that live in Houston. GRACKED.COM In 2013, Typhoon Lagoon in Florida attracted more people than any other park. Their total visitor count, 2.1 million, is just a tiny bit short of the entire population of Houston, Texas (2.3 million).


Impressively large trees are added to an official registry. A regis-tree.

There is a registry for really, really big trees. CRACKED COM In 1940, the American Forestry Association asked the public to nomi- nate large trees in their area and added those trees to the National Reg- ister of Champion Trees.

American Forests

Hitler had to take medication to stop from farting.

Adolf Hitler's medical documents showed that he had a big farting problem. CRACKED.COM Hitler had to consume 28 different drugs to keep the toots under control, but some of the anti-gas pills contained a base of strych- nine, a poison that caused further stomach and liver issues.


The North Star will eventually move out of position.

The North Star will be temporarily replaced in a few thousand years. CRACKED.COM By the year 13,000 A.D., the star Vega will take its place, accord- ing to NASA. And by the year 26,000, Po- laris will be right back where it was.

Star Child

Interpol was started in 1914.

Interpol began after a meeting of 24 countries in 1914. CRACKED.COM The International Criminal Police Congress, held in Мо- naco, saw police and judicial representatives from 24 countries get together with the goal of improving the ef- fectiveness of international investigations.


New Zealand has the highest percent of household pets.

New Zealanders have more pets per household than any other country. GRACKED COM 68% of households in the country have a pet, which is more than any other nation in the world. The US still beats out every country with the total number of dogs and cats, at 69,929,000 and 74,059,000 respectively.

Pet Secure

Only two countries actually start with ‘The.’

Only two countries officially start with The. GRACKED COM Sorry, there is no The United States, or The Maldives. Only The Gambia and The Bahamas formally in- clude the in their names.

World Atlas

Belgium briefly used cats as mail carriers.

In the 1870s, the city of Liège, Belgium, attempted to use 37 cats as mail carriers. GRACKED.COM Messages were tucked into waterproof bags that the cats would carry around their necks. Most of the felines took over a day to reach their desti- nation, so the service didn't last long.


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