Jeff Goldblum is a hot weirdo. We all know this, and we all accept this. It’s why he’s Dr. Ian Malcolm. It’s why he thinks Earth Girls Are Easy. It’s why he was The Fly. There is just something about Jeff Goldblum that makes being a little awkward immensely cool. No one looks good in a fedora in 2022, yet Jeff Goldblum could. He shouldn’t, but he could.

Yet, in spite of being a tall drink of stumbling debonair, there are still some things about Jeff that even the most die-hard Goldbloomers (that’s his fanbase, at least we’d like to think so) don’t know about him. Like the time he sold pencils to prisoners, or the time he tried to hire a sex worker when he was 13, or that his poop is orange most of the time.

Hot. Weirdo. Here are details on those and other interesting facts about Jeff Goldblum.

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Jeff Goldblum Statue

Jeff Goldblum A Goldblum statue was erected (well, laid down) in London. To celebrate Jurassic Park's 25th anniversary (and just plain because), a 25-foot, 330 lb. statue of Goldblum as Dr. lan Malcolm was put on display near Tower Bridge until July 26, 2018. CRACKED.COM

Source: CNN


Jeff Goldblum Не loves to browse #JeffGoldblum on Instagram. Call it egotistical if you want, but Goldblum enjoys looking through his own hashtag on Instagram to look at pictures, sculptures, and tattoos of himself being made by his creative fanbase. vun 1. ПАӀТ. JOHN - THE WORLD JURAUS PARK CRACKED.COM

Source: GQ

Jeff Goldblum's Faultless Smile

Jeff Goldblum Не has never had a cavity. During a Reddit AMA, Goldblum claimed to never have had a cavity or filling in his life. CRACKED.COM

Source: Jezebel


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