20 A-Grade Facts About B-Movie Legend Roger Corman

Just a schlock director, you think? Think again -- the man is Hollywood history.
20 A-Grade Facts About B-Movie Legend Roger Corman

Roger Corman is an absolute legend. He’s widely known as the king of B-movies, the Pope of Pop Cinema, yet his career and legacy deserve the sort of respect descriptions like that don’t really capture. He is also a highly creative experimental filmmaker, a legend of independent cinema, and a mentor to some of the best directors and actors of recent decades. As the late The Silence of the Lambs’ director Jonathan Demme put it, “Roger is arguably the greatest independent filmmaker the American film industry has ever seen and will probably ever see.” Not bad for the producer of Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda.

For us here at Cracked, Corman is one of the minds behind the best Fantastic Four movie out there. Not Fanfourstick, not even those other two, The Bland One and The Less Bland One. Indeed, we’ve discussed Corman before, since in 1994 he produced the unreleased Fantastic Four movie — which yes, you can watch right now. But Roger Corman’s career is much larger and more impressive than what Johnny Storm’s moans of pleasure would make you believe. The man was ahead of almost every trend in cinema: from horror comedies, women’s prison flicks, and trippy counterculture biker and psychedelic movies, to gritty gangster biopics, lavish Gothic horror, and artsy French cinéma — if it rocks, Corman directed it, envisioned it, or promoted it. Let us take a look, then, at 20 awesome Roger Corman facts.

An Impressive Resume

CRACKED.COM From the depths of the sea... A TIDAL WAVE OF TERROR! Roger Corman He's directed 56 movies and produced around 500. Quantity was certainly the name of the game in Corman's decades-spanning career. Не directed nine movies in 1957 alone, including one of his cult classics, Attack of the Crab Monsters. A ROGER CORMAN PRODUCTION Screenplay by CHARLES В. GRIEFITH

Source: IMDb

An eye for casting

CRACKED.COM Roger Corman Many A-listers began their careers with him. Robert de Niro, Charles Bronson, Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock... many had their first acting gig with Corman. Jack Nicholson appeared in 1960's The Little Shop of Horrors and 1963's The Terror, and also wrote Corman's psychedelic 1967 movie The Trip.

Source: IGN

The Fast and The Furious

CRACKED.COM Roger Corman Не wrote the original The Fast and The Furious. It's a 1954 race car crime drama, unrelated to the present-day franchise. Universal Pictures licensed the title decades later, and part of the deal involved giving Corman a bunch of stock footage. You know, to make more Roger Corman movies.

Source: Wikipedia


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