20 Facts About Andy Samberg To Read In A Silly Voice

The guy has spend two decades playing dumb to make us laugh.
20 Facts About Andy Samberg To Read In A Silly Voice

From Awesometown to SNL and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it is difficult not to acknowledge the quality of Andy Samberg’s two decades of comedy shenanigans. His insane wit, goofy charm, and willingness to play dumb just to get a laugh have been with us for a while now, and everything from Hot Rod to Popstar and even the new Chip ‘N Dale movie keep showing Samberg’s comedic talent, and his interest in just putting out the most surreal, idiotic comedy his giggly mind can conceive. Plus there’s gritty, hard-hitting documentaries like this. You’re welcome.

Of course, Samberg has not been alone in pursuing this mission the comedy gods have given him. The Lonely Island deserves our respect as well, and so in this list we provide 20 facts about Samberg—with and without The Lonely Island—for you to read in a silly voice. Something like this. Maybe like this. Hell, maybe even like this.

Jimmy Fallon

CRACKED.COM Andy Samberg Jimmy Fallon was essential to The Lonely Island's success. After they started getting underground buzz, they were offered to write for the MTV Movie Awards in 2005. There, Jimmy Fallon took interest in them and recommended them to SNL.

Source: Diply

The Original Lonely Island

Andy Samberg The Lonely Island was the name of their apartment. In 2001, Samberg shared a tiny apartment with his friends Jorma and Akiva in Los Angeles - which they called The Lonely Island. Is that the apartment from the legendary Perfecto sketch? CRACKED.COM

Source: Biography

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