15 Wacky Facts to Bat Around

Someone Breaks in Queen Elizabeth’s Shoes.
15 Wacky Facts to Bat Around

I am not the kind of woman who is usually invited to the house of a stranger. In my profession it would be considered improper for me to have any personal connection with anyone, so I have had few such invitations, but this time was quite exceptional and I accepted immediately. I knew nothing about his age or appearance; he simply seemed to need someone who would listen to him. He came to my house in the afternoon, when my husband is away, and we spent the evening together talking. It was a very long night and I must admit that by the end of it, I did feel as though I had learned much from him, although I am not sure exactly what. I have decided therefore to record all that he said, just to make sure I understand everything correctly.
In great confidence, he told me a list of fifteen facts, and that list went …


Billy Joel Saves the Front Row For His Fans.

Billy Joel doesn't want his fans in the cheap seats. CRACKED.COM Joel has said in interviews that he reserves the front row, then sends his road crew to find his fans in the worst seats and brings them up to the front. Joel said it prevents what he calls gold chainers, extremely wealthy fans and/or scalpers from buying out the best seats in the house.


A Marketing Firm in Japan Rewarded Non-Smokers With Six Days Off.

When frequent cigarette breaks were disrupting a Japanese marketing firm's productivity, the company, Piala, Inc decided the workers' smoking habits needed to change. CRACKED.COM In 2017, instead of ре- nalizing employees, Pi- ala's management de- cided to give non-smoking staff six days off to curb their nicotine addiction.


375,000 Stacked Legos Will Break the Bottom Brick.

In 2012, engineers at the UK research institution Open University spent a lot of time thinking about Legos. CRACKED.COM Dr. lan Johnston, an applied mathematician and lecturer, de- ducted that 375,000 lego bricks stacked on top of each other would cause the bottom brick to break. Sadly, this experiment was only theoretical, and highly implausible in reality.


A Homeless Man Found a Lost Check for $10,000 and Returned It.

In 2019, a man named Elmer Alvarez returned a $10,000 check to real estate broker, Roberta Hoskie. CRACKED.COM As a reward, Hoskie helped Alva- rez find an apartment, covered his rent for several months, and put him through real estate school. Hoskie was once homeless too prior to becoming a wealthy real estate broker, so she wanted to help him now that she could.


Apple Forked Over $100M on U2’s Free Album.

Remember the time in 2014 when 500 million iTunes users awakened to Bono in their earbuds? CRACKED.COM The U2 album Songs of Inno- cence, which was their first in five years, was thrust upon lis- teners for free, though no one requested it. The release was not free for everyone though. Marketing costs ate up around $100M in Apple's budget.


Freddie Mercury Watched the “Bohemian Rhapsody” Scene From Wayne’s World.

Before his death in 1991, legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, was shown a video of the famous Wayne's World Bohemian Rhapsody headbanging scene. CRACKED.COM The film had not yet been released, but Queen gui- tarist Brian May was giv- en a VHS tape by actor Mike Myers. May showed it to Mercury who had a good laugh.


A Tennessee Group of Nanas Were Covert Volunteers for 30 Years.

A covert Tennessee volunteer group that called themselve,s The 9 Nanas had been stealthily helping their community for decades by delivering envelopes of cash and freshly-baked pound cakes to people who needed assistance. GRACKED.COM When their adult chil- dren discovered their secret in 2012, they gained online notori- ety which gave their group even more suc- cess.


15 Wacky Facts to Bat Around

Xbox One Controller Lasts 3 Million Button-Presses.

Xbox One Controller Lasts 3 Million Button-Presses. A + CRACKED.COM In 2013, Microsoft announced the Xbox One. To test the capabilities of the gaming system's controller, research- ers found that it would stop function- ing properly after 3 million button presses. Microsoft also deducted that 3 million button presses could equate to roughly 10 years worth of play.


Murder in Space?

Currently, only one law governs space, the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, but it does not specify anything regarding individuals or privately-owned companies. CRACKED.COM A murder In 1970, which occured on an ice island in the Arctic Ocean north of Canada, is being consid- ered to determine how fu- ture crime in other atmo- spheres could be handled.


Dr. Seuss’ First Book Was Rejected 27 Times.

Dr. Seuss' First Book Was Rejected 27 Times. CRACKED.COM Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss had his first book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, rejected 27 times. It wasn't until Geisel ran into a friend in NYC who had recently become an editor at a publishing house, that it was finally published in 1937.


Someone Breaks in Queen Elizabeth’s Shoes.

Her Majesty must not have blisters! CRACKED COM Angela Kelly, dressmaker for the queen and author of the book, The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, The Dresser and Her Wardrobe, admits it is she who does the breaking in. Another ward- robe designer of the queen says that Kelly is required to wear socks during the breaking-in period also.


Cemeteries Were Popular Picnic Spots Before Public Parks.

In the 1800s, before public parks were common, cemeteries were popular picnic spots for many GRACKED.COM While critics found the outings uncouth, oth- ers enjoyed gathering with family and friends and picnicking near their late loved ones' headstones.

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