15 Now-You-Know Facts That Hit Us Like A Freight Train

Thanks, we hate Biblically accurate horseshoe crabs.
15 Now-You-Know Facts That Hit Us Like A Freight Train

In the middle of the night, a poor man was found dead. He had been murdered. The murderers left behind two clues that were to solve their mystery and save them from the hangman's noose: a pair of shoes and a note saying "If you want these, follow me".
The next morning at the town's main square, a man was found lying there. He seemed very confused but also extremely calm, almost as if he had died in his sleep. When the townsfolk saw what the stranger had on his feet they realized that the murder was not random. It had been a targeted killing.
"Who did this?" the townsfolk asked about the man. They had seen the murderer leave him with a pair of shoes but they hadn't known what to do or who could be so cruel, so ruthless.
Eventually, they noticed a strange list of fifteen facts that the killer had left next to the corpse. That list went ...


Thanks, we hate Biblically accurate horseshoe crabs.

Horseshoe crabs have eyes all over their bodies. GRACKED.COM Horseshoe crabs have 10 eyes in total, in- cluding ones near their mouth, on the top of their shell, and down their tail.


Clam chowder represents Massachusetts at every Presidential inauguration.

Since Reagan, clam chowder has been served at every Presidential inauguration. nin BSH - PREMIUM GRACKED.COM During Ronald Reagan's first inauguration in 1981, he insisted that food from every state be included. Legal Sea Foods' clam chowder, representing Massachusetts, has been at every inauguration since.

Boston Globe

Male monkeys will pay to see female monkeys.

Male monkeys will pay to look at the butts of female monkeys. CRACKED.COM Researchers at Duke Univer- sity Medical Center have dis- covered that male rhesus macaques will give up their juice rewards to get a peek at the rumps of female ma- caques. So like us!


Picasso was arrested for the theft of the Mona Lisa.

Pablo Picasso was arrested as a suspect in the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa. CRACKED.COM 30-year-old Picasso, who had a modernist entou- rage called the Wild Men of Paris, was questioned about its disappearance and even went to trial be- fore being cleared.


There is a name for the symbols used in comic strips that hide curse words.

The creator of f'Beetle Bailey' coined the term for a jumble of symbols in place of a curse word. GRACKED.COM The 'grawlix' term was named by late cartoonist Mort Walker, and rep- resents squiggly lines used in place of salty language. There's also jarns (spirals), quimps (planet shapes), and nittles (stars).

Fast Company

A racing pigeon was the most expensive bird bought at auction.

The most expensive bird ever to be sold at auction is a $1.4 million pigeon. GRACKED.COM The Belgian bird, Armando, is the best long-distance racing pigeon of all time. The price Chinese financier named Xing Wei paid for the bird topped auction records by a huge margin.


Manhattan is going to extend into the East River.

NYC's Mayor Bill de Blasio is planning to extend Manhattan's shoreline into the East River. CRACKED.COM By extending the island by up to 500 feet with two city blocks of parkland, they hope to create a buffer zone that will save up to 70 per- cent of lower Manhattan from possible future floods due to climate change.


Football players aren’t the only ones to get Super Bowl rings.

NFL referees get Super Bowl rings, too. CRACKED.COM Reffing the big game is the pinnacle for a refer- ее. The rings aren't as big as the ones the play- ers get, but they are still valuable pieces of jewel- ry.

Fox Sports

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding was watched by 30 million Americans.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding was watched by nearly 30 million viewers in the U.S. CRACKED.COM This is more than the Friends, Cheers, Seinfeld, and M*A*S*H finales combined. This is noth- ing compared to Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana's wedding, in which 750 million people worldwide tuned in.


Hotdogs are not sandwiches, it’s been confirmed.

The is a hotdog a sandwich debate has a real answer. CRACKED.COM The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council made an of- ficial ruling and deemed that hot dogs are not sandwiches, and limiting a hot dog's sig- nificance by saying it's 'just a sandwich' is like calling the Dalai Lama 'just a guy,


2,000 thunderstorms are going off at any given moment.

At any given moment, there are approximately 2,000 thunderstorms happening on Earth. CRACKED.COM Annually, there are about 16 million thun- derstorms across the globe and around 100,000 of them occur somewhere in the United States.


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