15 Awesome Piece Of Good News That Need To Be Seen

Wait, flight attendants didn't used to get paid during boarding?
15 Awesome Piece Of Good News That Need To Be Seen

I have been writing this column since my first day as a writer, when the editor of the school newspaper gave me the task of finding some kind of "humorous" feature for it. At that time, there was nothing funny at all happening to me or anyone in my school or town. So I went out and asked a bunch of people what they thought would be funny about our town, and they told me everything from "the mayor" to "my sister's dog".

I decided then, and there, to write something that no one could possibly take seriously because I knew if they did then no one else would read it. I have continued doing this column ever since then with the help of my editor. This column will be the last time that I do it.

Here, now, is the content of the final column of my school newspaper, a collection of fifteen facts. Enjoy:


A pizza delivery ended with the life of a Massachusetts woman being saved.

A DoorDash worker saved a Massachusetts woman's life while delivering pizza. GRAGKED.COM Caryn Sullivan fell as she waited for her delivery outside of her house when DoorDash driver Sophia Furtado arrived and used her EMT training to keep Caryn stable as she called for help.


Denmark says it will accelerate plans to reduce the EU’s dependence on Russian energy

Denmark says it will accelerate plans to reduce the EU's dependence on Russian energy CRACKED.COM The Danish govern- ment aims to harvest the full potential of offshore wind and ac- celerate the produc- tion of renewable en- ergy on land.

Offshore Wind

Gay men can finally donate blood in Canada.

Canada removed its ban on blood donations from gay men. ПОД  0.396 HCT 89.0  MCV Гр 30.6 MCH 343 MCHC 1. RDW-CV PLT PV  CRACKED.COM ifferential The old rule prevented dona- tions from men who have had sex with other men within three months of giving blood. The move is being called a significant milestone toward a more inclusive blood dona- tion system.


Germany is making an effort to become less dependent on Russian fuel.

Germany has become less dependent on Russian oil, gas and coal. CRACKED.COM Germany plans to halve its imports of Russian oil by the middle of this year and aims for its refining sector to be almost indepen- dent of Moscow by the end of the year.


A Nevada solar power plant will be the largest in the world.

The largest solar power plant in the US secured $1.3 billion in financing. GRACKED.COM Located in southern Ne- vada, the project is set to be the largest continuous solar installation in the United States - and one of the largest in the world - when it's com- pleted in 2023.

Canary Media

Condors are returning to California’s redwood forests.

After 100 years, California Condors are returning to the northern redwoods. CRACKED.COM The Yurok Tribe, who consider the condors sacred, has spearhead- ed efforts to reintro- duce the California condor to the northern part of its range.


NAU is free for households that make under $65k.

Arizona residents with a household income below $65,000 can attend Northern Arizona University tuition-free. CRACKED.COM The initiative is intended to make higher education affordable to more Arizona residents and to increase educational attainment levels so more people can participate in the state's economy.

News 12

Greyhound racing is coming to an end.

Greyhound racing is nearing an end in the US. CRACKED.COM Increased concerns about how the dogs are treated along with an explosion of gambling options have nearly killed the sport. By the end of the year, there will only be two tracks left in the country.


TurboTax has to stop misleading tax payers with “free” ads.

TurboTax is being forced to stop misleading ads and pay back $141 million to taxpayers. TurboTax CRACKED.COM 4.4 million taxpayers will get refunds from Intuit. Predatory tax services like TurboTax exist in the first place because they lob- bied legislators to keep the US tax code purposefully obtuse.

Ars Technica

Seed-pods are fired from drones to fight deforestation.

A company is using drones to fire 40,000 seed pods a day to fight deforestation. CRACKED.COM Using a fleet of highly ad- vanced 'octocopters', Air- Seed Technology com- bines artificial intelligence with specially designed seed pods which can be fired into the ground from high in the sky.


Native Americans students can attend The University of California for free.

Native American students can now attend the University of California tuition-free. OF FORNIA A B CRACKED.COM Native American students who are state residents will no longer have to pay tui- tion or fees, totalling $14,000 a year, at one of the nation's largest pub- lic-university systems.


Wait, flight attendants didn't get paid during boarding?

Thanks to pressure from customers, Delta flight attendants will now get paid for working during boarding. - - - Austrian Austrian GRACKED.COM Now flight attendants will be paid for board- ing rather than when all the passengers are seated and the plane's doors close.


California was powered by all renewable energy for the first time.

For the first time, California is 100 percent powered by renewables. CRACKED.COM Much of the record breaking wattage is from large amounts of solar power now pro- duced along Interstate 10, an hour east of the Coachella Valley.

Desert Sun

The Don’t Say Gay bill was shot down.

The Louisiana 'Don't Say Gay' bill failed 4-7. CRACKED.COM If passed, it would prohibit classroom discussion about sex- ual orientation or gen- der identity in certain grade levels.


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