15 Unreal Stories From The Latest News Cycle

MyPillow’s Mike Lindell is still waging war against the Bird App.
15 Unreal Stories From The Latest News Cycle

It had been an ordinary morning until the doorbell rang. I'd been sitting there at my kitchen table with my coffee, staring out at the backyard as if I expected to see someone out there who wasn't there, when the chime sounded. It was a pleasant sound, but not unusual. We were in the middle of nowhere. The closest neighbors lived on the other side of our property and down several hundred feet from the back of our house; the only thing we had going for us was that there are a lot of birds around. So, when the bell rang, my first thought wasn't that it was some crazy neighbor trying to get in touch. I got up to see who'd shown up unannounced, and as soon as I opened the door, I knew this wasn't just another visit.

A burning scroll appeared in front of my door, and the scroll bore a list of fifteen facts on it. That list went ...

A “Sinner’s Bible” was located in New Zealand that wants you to commit adultery.

A rare 'Wicked' bible that encourages adultery was discovered in New Zealand. THE WICKED BIBLE CRACKED.COM The famous 1613 bible omits the word not from its seventh commandment, which now reads, thou shalt commit adultery. 1,000 of these Sinners' Bi- bles were printed before discovering the error.


Remote Nicaraguan workers are manning cash registers in Canada for less than Canadian minimum wage.

A Canadian company is saving money by outsourcing cashier positions to Nicaragua. 90990 CRACKED.COM 'Percy,' the company sup- plying remote workers, says it allows for the face-to-face customer ex- perience that restaurant owners and operators want to provide their guests. They pay $3.75 an hour.

Our Generation 

The Spotify CEO knows they aren’t paying artists enough, so they blamed the artists for not creating more music.

The Spotify CEO claimed you can't record music every three or four years and think that's going to be enough. CRACKED.COM Daniel Ek also stated, In the entire existence  I don't think I've ever seen a single artist saying, 'I'm happy with all the money I'm getting from streaming. It's a mystery, Dan!

Music Radar 

An answer key was handed out to students instead of exam questions.

Kerala University students were given an answer key instead of question papers and didn't say a word. CRACKED.COM The mistake was discov- ered too late during the evaluation process. So far, no action has been taken by the University against the guilty offi- cials.

News 18 

Two helicopters were found in a lake, and had gone down on the same day.

The second submerged helicopter found in Lake Apopka crashed the same day as the first helicopter that was found. RA-25775 GRACKED.COM Officials said the second helicopter appeared to have fallen in the lake lat- er in the day after the first one, adding that its pilot is safe and that the FAA and the NTSB were noti- fied.

Click Orlando 

A car owner is being sued when his vehicle was involved in an accident he had nothing to do with.

A car owner who left their Jeep at a dealership was sued after a worker died during an oil change. Jeep - CRACKED.COM Because of our back- wards laws, the only way for the family of the deceased to get restitu- tion is to sue the car owner, who then can sue the dealership.

Fox Detroit 

A nursing home resident in China awoke in a body bag, being transported to the mortuary.

A person in Shanghai declared dead and put in a body bag was found to be alive. CRACKED.COM An elderly nursing home res- ident was mistakenly de- clared dead, put in a body bag and taken by coroners to a waiting van before mor- tuary workers noticed they were still alive.

The Guardian 

An airline discovered one of their pilots had not passed their final test, while in flight.

A Virgin flight turned back after take off to replace a pilot who had not done their final flying test. in atlantic Virgen GOLDIG CRACKED.COM A replacement for the first officer was found, and the plane depart- ed again for New York. Virgin Atlantic insists that safety was not compromised.

Wall Street Journal 

Driving in a circle in an empty parking lot? Straight to jail.

A driver was charged with a felony for doing donuts in an empty parking lot. CRACKED.COM Police claim the Miata driver's dangerous maneuvers caused over $3,700 in dam- age to the parking lot and painted parking lot lines.

The Drive 

Mike Lindell made a new Twitter account to get around a ban, and was immediately banned.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was banned from Twitter just hours after his return. CRACKED.COM The pillow-czar created a new account, which was considered ban evasion and thus against the rules, so he was promptly booted off the platform yet again. But not before gaining more than 35,000 followers.

The National News 

A student was marked present for 140 school days despite not being in class.

A student missed the first 140 school days, but was marked as present and passed their classes. CRACKED.COM By the time Qwantay, a stu- dent with physical disabili- ties, learned he would not have an in-person nurse, the deadline to sign up for virtual learning had passed, and it took almost the entire school year to work out..

Fox Baltimore 

The new Barbie movie will not contain ‘Barbie Girl.’

Aqua's 'Barbie Girl' will not appear in the Margot Robbie 'Barbie' movie. CRACKED.COM The song will not be used in the movie, says Ulrich Moller-Jergensen, who manages Aqua lead singer Lene Nystrom. Not surpris- ing since Mattel tried to sue Aqua over the song.


Police found a bag of guns being carried over the Canadian border via drone.

A drone carrying a bag of handguns from the United States to Canada was intercepted by a tree. CRACKED.COM Police say they found 11 illegal guns inside a white shopping bag on the Canadian side of the border when a drone got stuck in a tree.


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