15 Celebrities We Weren't Expecting to be Anime Fans

Celebs are just like us (in that they like anime).
15 Celebrities We Weren't Expecting to be Anime Fans

Picture, if you will, an anime convention. The smell of overpriced popcorn, greasy convention hot dogs, and body odor (among other bodily betrayals) wafts in the air. You’re gathered together with fellow otaku to visit vendors selling Japanese snacks, seeing great cosplay costumes, and just generally geeking out. As you put down some cash to get a Roronoa Zoro figurine, you see him.

It couldn’t be, but it is. It’s that one guy! From that one thing!

Yes, celebrities are indeed just like us (at least when it comes to anime). As more and more anime shows get attempts at mainstream adaptations and as a generation of Americans adults emerges that grew up watching Dragon Ball Z, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, and several other English dubs that aired on American TV, there are more and more celebrities that are into the same weaboo stuff you’re into. Here are a few of them.


CRACKED.COM CARA CELEBRITY ANIME FANS THE RZA The Wu Tang Clan was inspired by Asian media, so it's not surprising that The RZA has respect for anime. Не composed the soundtrack to Afro Samurai, and has used Dragon Ball Z as an allegory for growing up black in the U.S.A.

Source: Wired

Leonardo DiCaprio

CRACKED.COM CELEBRITY ANIME FANS LEONARDO DICAPRIO In interviews, DiCaprio has professed his love of anime and Studio Ghibli films such as Ponyo and Howl's Moving Castle. Не also tried to get a live-action adaptation of Akira done for several years.

Source: Vulture

Michael B. Jordan

GRACKED.COM CELEBRITY ANIME FANS MICHAEL В. JORDAN Jordan is an avid fan of Bleach and Naruto, and is said to have based his performance and chest armor as Killmonger on Dragon Ball Z's Vegeta.

Source: Nerdist


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