28 Things the Internet Absolutely Ruined Forever

This is why we can’t have anything nice
28 Things the Internet Absolutely Ruined Forever

The internet has inarguably done incredible things for the world. Before all of our magic computer boxes were able to talk to one another, you had to drive to the store to buy something rather than have it shipped directly to your door, or wait for your favorite show to air at a specific time rather than binge an entire season at once. And if you wanted a terrible take on current events, you had to wait for your Uncle Randys third beer at Thanksgiving. Thats only once a year! 

But for every convenience the internet has provided us, its gone ahead and ruined three more things. It turns out that when were all able to communicate with one another at lightning speed, the first thing we do is drag everything that was once nice and beautiful down into the darkness with us. Here are some of those things…


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